5 LIVE Caterpillars – Cup of Caterpillars – Butterfly Kit Refill – Shipped Now

Five Painted Lady caterpillars with food. Three butterflies are guaranteed to be perfect specimens. Comes with full instructions and butterfly facts. Allow approximately 3 weeks for your caterpillars to develop. Available only in the continental U.S. and Alaska.

Product Features

  • Check temperatures in your area. Please ensure that daytime temperatures are 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above when ordering.
  • Enjoy the BEST caterpillar to butterfly growing experience
  • 5 Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars and nutritious food delivered NOW
  • BETTER AND MORE RELIABLE than other live butterfly kits – Your TRUSTED BRAND for 50 years
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We guarantee 3 caterpillars will become happy, healthy butterflies
  • Includes everything you need to raise your butterflies, except the mesh habitat

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2 Responses to 5 LIVE Caterpillars – Cup of Caterpillars – Butterfly Kit Refill – Shipped Now

  1. Laura I. says:

    Our caterpillar to butterfly experience. 🙂 I highly recommend doing this project at least once in your life, whether you have kids or not. I did it once several years ago when my teenagers were young. Now I have a two year old and we were learning about caterpillars and butterflies so I decided to do it again with her. She was totally into the whole process and will tell anyone who will listen now that a butterfly lays an egg, then a caterpillar comes out, then the caterpillar hangs upside-down, then it makes a chrysalis, and then…

  2. Pamela Black says:

    Warning I have bought caterpillars from Insect Lore for years to use in my preschool classroom. I have always been so happy. This year they changed the lid system for the chrysalis to hang from. There used to be a coffee filter type paper and which the caterpillars would attach to as they transitioned into chrysalis. This year they did away with this and instead had the lid textured and provided a box to set the lid in. Four of our six chrysalis fell and emerged unable to expand their wings so…

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