Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra

Great minds start little. With 2 modes of play, this Baby Einstein toy invites your little maestro in-the-making to tune in to classical music. In “discovery” mode, baby can hear the names of different instruments and their sounds. In “composer” mode, babies create their own masterpieces by adding and subtracting instruments. With the press of the music note button, baby can enjoy the sounds of a full symphony. The buttons are large and light up when activated, making it easy for little ones to use.

Product Features

  • 2 modes of play: Discovery & Composer Mode
  • In discovery mode, baby will hear the colors and instrument names in English, Spanish, and French
  • Composer mode allows baby toy add and subtract instruments
  • Press the music note button to hear a full symphony
  • Lights indicate active instrument and dance along with music

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2 Responses to Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra

  1. Tats76 says:

    Still a favorite 3 years later This was one of the first items I wanted for my son. The large buttons are easy to push and we love all the songs. My son still loves it and he’s almost 3. Our 7 month old is also discovering the joy of the musical turtle.We may have to buy a second one, just so they can each have one to play with. It’s good to share, but it’s also nice to be able to play independently and this toy is a top choice for both kids.I’m very pleased at how sturdy this toy is; we have…

  2. Healthy FitMom says:

    Fun & lasts for years!

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