Baby Genius Let’s Learn Shapes Interactive Electronic Sounds Wooden Puzzle with Peg Pieces by Manhattan Toy

Baby Genius – Products with a Purpose
The Let’s Learn Shapes Wooden Puzzle with sound encourages children to learn problem solving and first words. This 12″ electronic puzzle features 8 different sounds that call out shapes when placed in the correct space. Easy grasp pegs make it fun to learn shapes, featuring the loveable Baby Genius characters. Puzzle has an on/off switch and requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. The Baby Genius Learn & Grow program was developed to correspond with five stages of a child’s natural growth. The Let’s Learn Shapes Wooden Puzzle is part of the Curious Learner stage (age 18-24 months), featuring products that encourage kids to experience how things work and problem-solve. .

From the award winning Baby Genius DVD series that has been entertaining and enriching young lives for 10 years come engaging toys true to the mission of “products with a purpose.” These innovative, educational products support the Baby Genius Learn and Grow program developed with Stamford University professor emeritus Dr. Don Roberts. This prestigious program defines the 5 stages of natural growth experienced by all young children. The Baby Genius products align with these natural growth stages and encourage learning through age-appropriate interaction with their environment, challenging the child when they are ready for that challenge. Every Baby Genius product is age graded specifically to align with a child’s natural development. Whether it is a soothing, soft plush friend for the 5 month old in the “Safe Haven” phase or a high-quality musical instrument for the creative and expressive 3 year old “Independent Doer”, each item is specifically designed to enhance that phase in a smart and meaningful way. Join your favorite Baby Genius characters; DJ, Frankie, Lola, Vinko, Oboe, Rosie and Tempo for hours of adventure where you can be sure that the product is just right for your child

Product Features

  • Sturdy wooden construction and easy to grasp pegs make shape sorting easy, great for learning shapes and problem solving
  • 8 different electronic sounds are featured when pieces are lifted and then put back in the correct place
  • For ages 18-24 months. Encourages problem solving, cause and effect and learning first words
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included
  • Inspired by the award winning Baby Genius DVD series

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3 Responses to Baby Genius Let’s Learn Shapes Interactive Electronic Sounds Wooden Puzzle with Peg Pieces by Manhattan Toy

  1. dave says:

    Possible scare machine For the price sure why not. I will say any toy that sings about shapes, colors, numbers, etc in repetition, will eventually haunt your dreams, however most of the tunes are pretty catchy. The real issue I have with this is that is scares me half to death on a weekly basis… After getting little man to bed ill go shut down the downstairs playroom. The sensors in this scare machine must be sensitive to light, so when I turn off the light on my way out I’m greeted by darkness and a woman’s voice…

  2. Balaji Suresh says:

    Bad Quality

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cute board. But it doesn’t work well. More than half the time it doesn’t make any music when you put the pieces back in. Then for no reason at all when it’s not being played with it will start playing music.For the amount of money paid for this “music” board, it should play music.It’s still a good board that my son likes to play with and put the pieces back into place.Just disappointed that out of all the boards I chose from, I chose this one because it plays music…

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