Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy

Cat Charmer is an interactive cat toy designed to charm and not harm. With a polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides excellent aerobic excercize and is a safe interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids. Now with bright new candy colored wands and a fun selection of colors.

Product Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Cat Charmer cat toy, from Cat Dancer
  • Interactive cat toy designed to charm, not harm
  • Polycarbonate wand
  • Colorful fabric
  • Excellent aerobic exercise

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3 Responses to Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy

  1. Mocha says:

    My kittens love it

  2. Christine says:

    Best Cat Toy I’ve Ever Owned!!!!! There are so many positive reviews but I feel compelled to add my 2 cents.When I ordered these I had low expectations. I didn’t think they would be bad I have just played with my cats with strings long enough to know their reactions. This was my first mistake.These are really thoughtfully designed. They are very simple, yes, but each piece is crafted to serve a purpose for a more effective play time.The handle is clear and easy to hold with a slight bend…

  3. Sneaky Burrito says:

    all four of my cats liked this This was recommended to me by an online friend so I added it to an order since it was inexpensive. I suspected this would be a winner with my crew, and I was right. They LOVE dangly toys on sticks and they LOVE ribbons, and this was basically both. (I find that they don’t care so much about what is at the end of the ribbon/string, they mostly like chasing/catching/biting the string.)Even my old guy (he’s 12) with eye problems (cataracts and some issues relating to his eye herpes)…

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