Mallya Infrared laser wheel Electronic Target Shooting Gun Set

you get the round target (looks like a tire about the size of your hand) the base it sits on and the laser shooter gun. The gun takes 2 AA batteries and the target takes 3 AA batteries to operate it. The point of the game is to point the laser beam from the gun at the target (center) and it will activate the spinning wheel. It lights up and spins oh and it makes a lot of noise too! The laser reached pretty far

Product Features

  • The gun looks real and it can be used in any room from a good far away distance. It is simple and easy to play.
  • This game consist in use coordination and balance to shooting and hit the target which is a wheel standing in a solid base, using an Infrared laser gun,
  • if you are looking for something to improve your accuracy, this is it.
  • Gun needs 2 AA batteries, the base requires 3 AA batteries

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Shine Toys Code Electronic Money Bank Mini ATM Coin Saving Banks,Coin Saving Boxes,Toys Gifts Birthday Gifts ATM Bank for Kids Panda

Use Guide: To open the safe, you first need to enter a four-digit password. The safe default password is 0000. Follow these steps to use safely: 1. Enter the four-digit password and green lights. If you enter the wrong password, the red light will be lit and will issue “PLEASE TRY AGAIN” voice tells you. 2. Clockwise knob, opened the door. Green light for about 10 seconds, you will hear the creak of the door opening. If the door is open for longer than 10 seconds, the green light is off, and beep sound once every 20 seconds. To stop the beep, you can close the door. 3. Banknote banknotes into the mouth, the bill can be directly admitted. Then press the password can withdraw money. 4. When you are finished, close the door lock is good. Change the password, follow these steps: 1. Enter the current password (default 0000) to open the safe door. 2. Hold the “*” button down, both green and red lights flash. 3. Within 15 seconds, enter the new 4-digit password, press “#” to confirm to store the new password. Light stops flashing. Note: If the new password is not entered within 15 seconds, the program will stop, you must restart the program. 4. Release the “*” character button and close the door. Important: This “MONEY SAFE” is recommended for the ages 6 and up, not suitable for under 3 years old as the toy is electrical and mechanical. More detailed information and cautions, please read the manual carefully. Package includes: 1* Panda Cantoon Piggy Bank 1* Detailed English Use Manual If you have any problem or confuse about the product, please fell free to contact us. We are a pleasure to provide the best service for you. Thank you very much.

Product Features

  • This “MONEY SAFE” guards your personal stuff. Use the sale to store things like your paper money, play jewelry, baseball cards or playing card. The coins slot at the top lets you use the safe as a piggy bank.
  • Automatic Paper Money Scroll: Put the paper money on the Scroll, it can be rolled into the machine automatically.(But it doesn’t work if the paper is too old or too soft)
  • Rotary Switch: Enter the correct password then the light turns green, the ATM can be opened. (You CAN NOT rotate the switch if the password is wrong)
  • Password Key: The default password is 0000 ,you can change to another 4 digits password. If you forget the password, just take out the batteries and restart, the password returns to 0000.
  • Material: Environmental ABS plastic Size: L*W*H: 13.5*12.5*19.5cm Product net weight: 0.56g Power by Battery: 3 AA batteries (Not Included)

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VTech Pour and Float Froggy Electronic Bath Toy

The Pour and Float Froggy by VTech is full of surprises. This frog is made just for bath time and has three accessory cups that can be both stacked and nested on his tummy or be used to pour water into his mouth. As your baby pours the water into the frog’s mouth, he surprises your baby with fun squirts of water that spray up like a fountain. For added engagement, this learning toy’s light-up flower teaches numbers through fun phrases, sounds, and music. With its special sensors, the froggy knows when he has been taken out of the water and will play a variety of fun phrases to encourage little ones to put him back in. Splish, splash, this froggy’s taking a bath.

Product Features

  • Comes with 3 cups for stacking and nesting on the frog’s tummy
  • Water squirts from the mouth like a fountain when one of two water sensors are activated
  • Electronic bath toy has a water sensor that recognizes when the frog is in or out of the water
  • Light-up press button on the frog’s tummy activates playful phrases and music
  • Automatic shut-off preserves battery life

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Prextex Toy Filled Electronic Claw Game – With Toy Filled Eggs Toy Grabber Machine Arcade Game with Sound

Choose Prextex Electronic Claw Game for the Real Favorite Arcade Game Fun in the Comfort of Your Home! Simply set your eyes on the prize and adjust the joystick to win the prize of your choice. Includes: Electronic Claw Arcade Game with Sound. Listen to Typical Fair Music as you play. Machine is filled with Trinket-filled Easter Eggs You’ll Be Lucky to Win! Measures 10″L x 7.5″W x 13.5″H. Three D Batteries Required but Not Included. Prextex Claw Game Makes an Amazing and Unique Gift.

Product Features

  • Prextex Electronic Claw Game for the Favorite Arcade Game Fun in the Comfort of Your Home!
  • Includes: Electronic Claw Arcade Game with toy filled Surprise eggs , Sound- Plays Typical Fair Music, filled with Trinket-
  • Eggs Can be Reused Over and Over With Toy or Candy alike
  • Filled Eggs You’ll Be Lucky to Win! • Measures 10″L x 7.5″W x 13.5″H
  • 3 D Batteries Required Not Included.• Ideal for Carnivals, Parties, Fairs, etc. Makes an Amazing and Unique Gift.

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Boley Kids Toy Cash Register – pretend play educational toy cash register with electronic sounds, play money, grocery toy and more!

Boley presents you the Kids Cash Register. The cash register comes equipped with everything your child needs to run a successful store. This set is ideal for imaginative and creative role play. The cash register toy teaches children counting and food sorting. It comes with a scanner to scan the items, a calculator to add up the prices, an opening drawer to place the money, a microphone to speak through, dollar bills and coins to purchase the groceries, a conveyor belt to place your items on, a variety of grocery items, and a small basket to place them in. Requires 3 “AA” batteries (included).

Product Features

  • Educational cash register that encourages children to learn basic math, essential money skills, while enhancing imaginative play.
  • This supermarket cash register comes with a functioning calculator, cool sounds, play money and a basket full of groceries!
  • Provides full pretend & play experience with conveyor belt, scanner, calculator, and microphone
  • Comes with credit cards that when child swipes, the drawer will automatically open
  • Ages 3+

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Jenx Robot Interactive Kitten | Voice Recognition Intelligent Electronic Toy Cat | Gesture Sensing Talk Sing Dance Wake-up Sleep Laugh Meow Wagging Tail Scoot Around | Don’t Wait and Adopt Me Now!

  • The Kitty is Going to be in a New World

    Kitty will trust you and you can share your stories, secrets and emotions together! She will give you her
    emotions as her ears turns green when she is down and blue when she is happy and you can always give her a big
    belly rub to cheer her up.

    You can give her commands to dance and even sing! You can also take her for a walk as you guide her using
    your hand.

  • The Kitty can Voice Recognize 15 Instructions

    “Hello”, “Follow Me”, “Sing a Song”, “Dancing”, “Forward”, “Backward”, “Turn Left”, “Turn Right”,
    “To Turn Around”, “Follow Me”, “Protect Me”, “I Love You”, “Kiss Me”, “You are so Beautiful”, “Tell Jokes”,
    “Go To Sleep”.

  • Wake up and Go To Sleep

    Wake-up Kitty by press her head, Free Demo Mode When Power Switch is Turn On, LED Ears Will Light Up
    and Turn into Blue, Scoot around with Singing or Dancing. Switch to Voice Recognition Mode When press
    her head again. Go back to Free Demo mode if no Further Instructions and Kitty’s LED Ears will turn to Green.

    Tell your Kitty to “Go To Sleep”, and she will follow you and sleep with you for the whole night

  • Play with your Kitten is Super Fun!

    When you say “Follow Me”, Kitty’s infrared sensor is on and she will go into tracking mode, please keep your
    hands or feet near the chest and keep within 7-8 inches, so Kitty will follow you and have a nice walk with you,
    otherwise, she will get lost and go into free walking mode.

  • Specification

    Material: Premium quality ABS plastic and electronic components
    Control Range: within 33 feet.

  • Package List

    1 Robot Kitten
    1 User Manual
    4 X AA 1.5V batteries (No included)

    User Manual printed on bottom of the packing box

Product Features

  • Kitty is a Voice Recognition Intelligent Electronic Pet Toy Robot Cat Electric Pet Kids Walking Kittty Action Toys with Gesture Sensing
  • Kitty is a Robot and She is Super Smart, Can Understand Your Voice and Take Action Right Away, He is Your Very Own Awesome Cute Kitty! She is Super Friendly, Sporty, Outgoing and Very Loyal to you, the Owner!
  • You Real Best Friend and Talk, Sing, Dance, Sleep, Laugh, Meow, Follow You, Change Mode and Scoot Around, Don’t Wait and Adopt Me Now and I will Become Your Best Friend, For 3+ Boys, Girls, Students, Teenagers and Adults!
  • Kitty Interactive LED Ears Can Light Up and Change to Multiple Colors to Present Her Different Emotions (Happy, Sad, Need Your Kiss and Love, Cuteness and Much More).
  • Includes: 1 Robot Kitten. 1 User Manual. and User Manual printed on the bottom of packing box. 4 X AA 1.5V batteries (No included). Control Range: within 33 feet.

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Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot with Star Wars Force Band

Meet BB-8 – the app-enabled Droid whose movements and personality are as authentic as they are advanced. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and perk up when you give voice commands. Watch your Droid explore autonomously, guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings. BB-8 is more than a toy – it’s your companion. The Force is strong with you. Channel it with the Star Wars Force Band by Sphero. Like a Jedi Knight, you can control your BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with just a wave of your hand and expand your abilities with Force Training. Use the band by itself to complete Combat Training, or collect digital holocrons in your environment through Force Awareness. Fulfill your destiny and become strong in the ways of the Force.

Product Features

  • Battle-Worn Exterior: BB-8 app-enabled Droid with a polycarbonate shell sports the wear and tear of Resistance missions
  • Bluetooth Smart connection allowing Gyroscopic propulsion to a 30m range
  • Induction charging stand providing 60 minute battery life
  • Control the BB-8 app-enabled Droid with the Force band through gestures like Force push, pull and drive
  • Free iOS & Android compatible apps; allow Adaptive Personality, The Force Training and view holographic recordings

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Kiddie Play Pretend Play Electronic Toy Oven with Play Food for Kids

Add to your toy kitchen appliances the “Kiddie Play” Stove for kids. It has all your little one need to pretend mom at the kitchen.

Just like the real thing with grilling and cooking buttons and sounds. Interior red light gives the impression as the oven grill is on.

Designed with a working display screen.

2 removable trays for grilling and baking.

Comes with 2 chicken bottoms and 2 chicken drumsticks.

Product Features

  • High quality kids Stove and 4 pretend play food items
  • Just like the real thing with grilling and cooking buttons and sounds
  • 2 removable trays for grilling and baking
  • Designed with a working display screen. Interior red light pretends oven grill is on
  • Stove Dimensions: 7.5″ W x 10″ H x 5″ L. Requires 3 x AA batteries

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BIAL Night Scope Binoculars 4×30 Telescope with Pop-up Spotlight and Night-beam Vision Fun Cool Toy Gift for Kids Boys Girls

100% New and High Quality Binoculars 4 x 30mm Pop-up Light Night Vision Scope,Is the gift of children love
allow users to see in the dark with night beam vision Green tinted lenses for surveillance 4×30 MM lenses,
pop up spotlight shines 25 feet Green stealth light and stealth light switch Neck strap included Power: 2 x AAA batteries (batteries not included)
required Product Weight: 0.2kg
Material: PVC
Note: Push the cover of battery holder outwards to replace the new battery.
Put in the new battery and make sure the anode and cathode is right.
Used for kids more than 3 years

Product Features

  • Charming design, special for kids,Used for kids more than 3 years,A popular children’s toys,May not be able to meet the needs of the adults
  • See in the dark with night-beam vision,binoculars with Pop-up spotlight,Lighting function, not a night vision binoculars
  • Size: 12*11.5*5cm
  • Light: 0.75W 2.5V 0.3A(hidden design, very safe)
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries required(batteries not included)

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ROSENICE Electronic Remote Control Rat Plush Mouse Toy for Cat Dog Kid (Gray)

– Material: Plastic
– Colors: Gray
– Toy Modes: Two(go forward and backward)
– Size: Approx.29X8.5CM(Included the tail)
– A good choose playing tricks on others
– Have a remote controller mean it can convenient you to controlling
– Mouse powered by 3 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Battery Not Included)
– Controller powered by 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries (Battery Not Included)

Package Including
1 * Electronic Remote Control Rat Plush Mouse Toy for Cat Dog Kid (Gray)

Product Features

  • Material: Plastic. Colors: Gray. Toy Modes: Two(go forward and backward)
  • Size: Approx.29X8.5CM(Included the tail)
  • Battery Powered Remote Control Mouse Toy have realistic appearance, for have flocking cover and tail. What a cool concept this is, a remote control mouse! Imagine all the fun you can have teasing your cat or scare your spouse.
  • This is a realistic looking mouse with a two channel control. It has a manufacturer rating of 20 meters. Get yours today and have a load of fun teasing whoever is around.
  • A good choose playing tricks on others

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