Encourage musicality and creativity in children Allow them to play comfortably for as long as their interest holds, using the stand and seat

Belt out a tune into the microphone

Let them listen back to their masterpieces with the record and playback functions

Listen to demo songs

Product Features

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Listen to demo songs
  • Belt out a tune into the microphone
  • 37 Keys
  • Dimensions: 53 x 24 x 58.5cm

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Electronic Backseat Driver

Perfect steering wheel for your little driver!

Kids will love playing with this steering wheel. It has cool lights and realistic car sounds. Hear the engine starting, engine running, 3 different gears, breaking, honking, and turning indicator sounds. It has left and right indicator lights, hazard lights, and 3 gear lights.

The steering wheel can be attached to the car’s side window.

Your child will love playing with this steering wheel, driving along side you in the passenger seat or the backseat. Lots of driving fun.

Product Features

  • Turnable Steering wheel with lights and sounds
  • Realistic car sounds: engine starts, 3 gears, breaks, honk, indicators
  • Includes: left and right indicator lights, hazard lights, and 3 gear lights
  • Extension with suction cup attaches to side window
  • Steering wheel measures 9″ in diameter

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Diamond Select Toys Lost in Space: Electronic Lights and Sounds B9 Robot Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! Danger, Will Robinson! DST is known for their incredibly detailed electronic cars and starships and now they’ve built their first-ever electronic robot! This 10-inch rendition of B9, the friendly helper robot from Lost in Space, features lights and sounds taken straight from the classic sci-fi show. Lights on his head and chest blink constantly while B9 is on and additional lights and dialogue are triggered with the push of a button, including “I will accompany you, you may need protection,” “Cannot compute, programming data insufficient,” and his famous cries of “Danger!” You can also manually raise and lower his head, open and close his claws, extend his arms and turn his torso to the left and right. He even has wheels so you can roll him around! Comes packaged in full-color window box with try-me feature.
Note : The product will not work with  Duracel AAA battery.

Product Features

  • A Diamond Select Toys release
  • DST’s first electronic robot toy
  • Robot stands 10″ high
  • Features lights and sounds taken straight from the classic sci-fi show
  • Packaged in full-color, “Try Me” window box

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Dancing Rabbit with Sounds Multi Color Flashing Lights, Glowing Hands, Electronic Action Toy with Sweet Melodies

What kid doesn’t love an interactive action dancing rabbit figure? This electronic toy can dance on its own, light up, and play sounds for your child’s entertainment. It’s brightly colored body gives the appearance of a real rabbit. With flashing colors, sweet songs, and independent dancing movement, this toy is a great way to keep younger kids entertained, and an excellent way for older kids to engage in creative play. Brilliant Lights, Songs, and Action This outstanding toy includes a multi-color lighting array. Its hands and head light up in flashing green, red, blue, and yellow. Enjoyable melodies and sound are corresponding with its flashing lights in this bee figure. As we specified, it jumps and dances! A combination of walking legs and his moving parts allow this toy to move forward on any smooth surface. To top it all off, an advanced design feature allows his hands to move and shift from side to side. Hours of Occupation for Any Age Thanks to its gender neutral design and the element of creative play, kids from ages one and up will love to view this happy rabbit dancing. Little ones will have fun developing musical motor skills by listening to the music, and older kids will enjoy watching the bee dancing and they will enjoy copying him too. Makes a Great Gift This toy is ideal for any kid who loves music and animals, but it’s also a great gift to give if you’re not sure which TV-branded toys a child has, or which shows or movies they’re currently watching. Because it isn’t a tie-in toy, it’ll never go out of style.

Product Features

  • ENTHUSIASITC DESIGN: This fashionable rabbit is enjoyable for children to play with all day long. Rabbit has a set of sweet melodies which helps to bring action to the toy. Sound design is coordinated with multi-color flashing lights that are visible in its arm and head. Lights flash and pulsate in green, red, and blue
  • THRILLING ACTION: Happy rabbit dances on its own on any flat surface either indoor or outdoor. An attractive addition to this bee is his moving parts to it he sways from left to right. Kids will love to view him dancing.
  • CHARMING FOR KIDS: Young and older kids will all love this happy dancing duck toy. Little ones will have fun developing fine motor skills, and older kids will enjoy watching such an interactive toy inspiring features.
  • WELL-MADE: Made from heavy-duty plastic, the toy has no small parts to it so that children can enjoy it. To operate toy you need to have 3 x AA batteries (Not Included). Figure measures 5 x 9 x 4.5 inches.
  • AMAZING GIFT: This would be the best gift ever to give for little kids. They will enjoy watching the character dancing with all his delightful features. Great to give as a Birthday Gift, Holiday or Christmas or Get Well Soon Gift it will occupy and bring happiness to the patient.

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Kids Electronic Dog Toy, Dacawin(TM) Cute Electronic Walking Pet Dog Puppy Kids Toy With Music Light (Purple_1)


100% Brand new and high quality

Quantity: 1pcs

Material: Plastic+villi

Product Size: 17 * 14 * 13cm

Battery: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Easy and Convenient to use

  Color: random

After the battery switch, the dog dog will move and retreat, also can call, eyes shine. This is a very interesting toys

Package Include:

1 x Electronic Dog Toy (Without retailing packing)

Product Features

  • Material: Plastic+villi
  • Product Size: 17 * 14 * 13cm
  • Color: random
  • easy and Convenient to use
  • After the battery switch, the dog dog will move and retreat, also can call, eyes shine.

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Shine Toys New Style Electronic Money Saving Box Cash Coin Can Safe ATM Bank Novelty Tin Birthday Gift Safe Box Bank Neon Green

This Electronic Safe will help you save money and keep it secure. Only the programmable PIN code will open the safe. But don’t worry if you forget the PIN code it can be reset if a screw on the bottom of the unit is removed and the batteries taken out. Bill slot will automatically pull in a bill once it is put into the slot, like a real ATM. Coin Slot on top. Can store other items inside safe. Great to teach children how to save. Will also make an amusing tip jar (or safe in this case) Measurements 7.75 inches x 5.25 inches x 5 inches (3) AA batteries operated, not included

Product Features

  • Password Protected Mini Safe, Enter your own PIN code
  • Bill Slot in front will automatically pull in bill once inserted
  • Coin Slot on the top of unit also great for storing other items
  • Will make beeping sounds when entering PIN code and creaking opening sounds when safe is being opened
  • Easy to reset PIN code if forgotten (3) AA batteries operated, not included. 100% Guarantee – Shine toys takes pride in providing the highest quality products and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason we will refund your purchase

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Sassy Electronic Keys

Electronic Keys are fun for baby to explore, play, and imitate adults. With a variety of dynamic sounds from the key fob, baby can develop hearing and have fun with her pretend set of keys. The high-contrast and rich, bold colors visually engage baby.

Product Features

  • Inspire baby’s imagination with pretend keys
  • Press buttons to encourage thinking skills
  • Multiple sounds help develop understanding of cause & effect
  • Colorful keys clack together for auditory response
  • Be like mommy and daddy!

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Petlinks Wild Thing Cat Toy Electronic Motion Toy

Petlinks Stir Crazy is an electronic cat toy that works to stimulate your cat and ensure that they get plenty of exercise This autmoated toy is both simple and complex. The hollow disk contains a small bill filled with catnip to catch your cat’s attention. To further add to the excitement, a small rotating tail pushes the ball around the inside of the disk to inspire your cat to chase the ball toy as it moves around the toy’s interior. Petlinks Stir Crazy uses AA batteries that are easy to replace and features four rotating speeds to let you control your cat’s level of activity. This product is also easy to take apart and reassemble to allow you to easily refill its interior ball with fresh catnip. Your cat will love this unique toy and you’ll love how it keeps your cat ft and healthy so order today Key Features: Automated cat toy runs on 3 AA batteries Toy features refillable catnip toy and package includes catnip Four speeds of rotation to control your cat’s activity level

Product Features

  • Replacement wands available and sold separately
  • Real feathers provide an easy trigger for your cat’s natural instincts
  • Erratic movement keeps your cat actively engaged
  • Small button to prevent accidental on and offs
  • Plastic parts made with recycled plastic

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Schylling Electronic Safe

The ultimate electronic safe for kids who want to keep their valuables safe and secure. From Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun, the Electronic Safe is the perfect place for your valuable treasure. Punch in the combination on the electronic key pad. Watch the flashing lights and hear the sounds. It’s big enough to hold all your valuables safe and secure but small enough to not take up too much space on a shelf.

Product Features

  • The ultimate electronic safe to keep all your valuables safe and secure.
  • Features an electronic, push button key pad, just type in the combination, turn the knob and open the door to access your stuff.
  • Put your money in through the coin slot in front: it’s big enough to keep all your important treasure; 8 x 6 x 5.5 inches.
  • Comes with flashing lights and exciting sounds; 3AA batteries required (not included).
  • For ages 5+.

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