Click n’ Play 9 piece Doll Puppy Set and Accessories. Perfect For 18 inch American Girl Dolls

Have this cute cuddly puppy adopted by your doll. This set includes all you need for keeping your puppy busy and comfortable. Your doll could also carry her puppy along wherever she goes in the adorable ventilated carrier. She can keep her puppy active while playing together and throwing the soft tennis ball or bone to the puppy to fetch. The adorable brush can also be used by the doll to brush the puppy. At supper time, your doll can prepare the puppy’s nutritious meal in the dog bowl and serve it to him. Then, when it’s time to go to sleep, the puppy can snuggle with his blanket in his soft, padded bed.

Product Features

  • Doll Puppy and accessories for American Girl Dolls
  • Set includes: Puppy, Carrier, Bed and Blanket, Leash, Tennis Ball, Bone, Food Bowl and Brush
  • The puppy is cuddly and adorable. Leash attaches to the puppy’s neck by velcro.
  • Perfect to fit 18 inch dolls of all styles like the American Girl. All is made of top quality for years of enjoyment.
  • Puppy is 7″ tall. Carrier is 8″ long x 5″ wide x 6″ tall. Not affiliated with American Girl , Reg. Trademark of American Girl, LLC.

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3 Responses to Click n’ Play 9 piece Doll Puppy Set and Accessories. Perfect For 18 inch American Girl Dolls

  1. Fav says:

    Cute puppy set!

  2. Serina says:

    Daughter loves it – good price This is a very cute set and my daughter absolutely adores the puppy. I personally think that the fabric on the pup could be a bit better quality – I can see down to the cloth in a couple of areas but my 4 year old daughter either does not notice or doesn’t care at all. She loves that the puppy has a little brush that she can comb her out with and a carry case to carry her and all of her stuff around. Actually, I really love the carry case also. Any item that has built in easy clean up is an A+…

  3. Michael t. says:

    Not what i expected.

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