A celebration of girl power for budding super heroines featuring beloved DC characters from Wonder Woman to Batgirl.

Exploring attributes from physical strength to intuition, this introduction to DC’s super heroines is also a catalog of role models for little girls. From Wonder Woman’s ability to find the truth to Black Canary’s powerful voice to Batgirl’s keen mind, readers will find much to admire. Cool, classic art makes for a fun, colorful package.

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  • DC Super Heroes My First Book of Girl Power

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Found a lot that talk about heroines (usually Wonder Woman) but focus on her pretty bracelets or tiara Always apprehensive about “girl power” books, especially with superheros. Found a lot that talk about heroines (usually Wonder Woman) but focus on her pretty bracelets or tiara. Hardly the recognition these women deserve.In this book, each page focuses on a different heroine, there are about 8, I believe. It talks about their strengths and what makes them unique. These are things like bravery, computer programing, and strength. This is the perfect book for a lot of strong…

  2. iheartprime says:

    Great as a “First Book” We really enjoyed this book. I’ve read the more critical reviews and the points are well taken. It’s not the best that it could have been but it is pretty great for toddler level and head and shoulders above some of the other books pushed on little girls at this age. Although the book is not all inclusive of all the female heroes that inhabit the comic universe, it does touch on the ones that they are most likely to encounter in mainstream pop culture. The same criticism could probably be…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read both the positive and negative reviews before ordering this as a gift for a new baby. The gift is for parents who like superhero comics and are having a girl. I thought this would be a great book for them to introduce their baby girl to one of their favorite hobbies. It is simple–as it should be. It is for babies who are being read to. There are positive words and the pictures are true to DC comic book style. I am disappointed that one of the characters is not colored, as shown in…

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