Educational Insights Robot Face Race

It’s machine madness! A crazy inventor has built dozens of robot bodies and he needs your help finding the perfect heads. Shake the robot identification device to reveal a robot’s features. Scan the robot heads on the board until you find the match. Find it first and collect a robot scoring token. The first player with 5 tokens wins! For 2-4 Players.

Product Features

  • A crazy inventor has built dozens of robot bodies and needs your help finding the matching heads!
  • Make sense of the madness by shaking the Robot Randomizer to determine the attributes of your robot’s head and searching the board for the match.
  • Scanning the board for the robot head with the correct colored face, nose, eyes, and mouth develops visual discrimination-a key pre-reading skill!
  • Includes game board with 120 different robot heads, Robot Randomizer, and 20 robot scoring tokens.
  • All players play all the time – no waiting!
  • This award-winning game is recommended by American Mensa!
  • For ages 4 and up – great for non-readers and players who speak any language!
  • Another best-selling game from veteran inventor Ivan Moscovich.

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2 Responses to Educational Insights Robot Face Race

  1. Honest and Helpful says:

    My gamer son loves it! My 7 year old son is a video game junky (dad is a computer engineer and lifetime gamer). He also loves board games. So, it has become my mission to find board games that keep him engaged and away from the computer 😉 This game is a lot of fun and he loves it! The concept is easy. Use the “randomizer” and determine which color each robot part you are looking for is. There are 120 different robot faces…..and the race is on. Essentially, the first person to find 5 correct faces wins. My…

  2. Rebecca B says:

    Cute and fun game that we can play with the entire family

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