Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack Projector

The legendary Ghostbusters movie is back with an all new team that needs your help! Gear up with this authentic Electronic Proton Backpack and blaster and let’s go ghost hunting! Insert the included glow in the dark mini figure in your blaster and project its silhouette on the walls – see paranormal activity right before your eyes! Recreate your favorite action-adventure scenes, or catch ghosts in your own town. The blaster also works with our mini glow in the dark ghost figures collection so you can add and chase all the spooky specters in the film! Other figures sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Product Features

  • Ghost-hunting gear inspired by the new Ghostbusters movie
  • Proton backpack and blaster have authentic details and functions fans will love
  • Insert the mini figure in the blaster and project a ghost silhouette on the wall
  • Works with our wide range of mini ghosts, too Other figures sold separately
  • Ideal gift for fans of all ages to experience ghostbusting action!

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3 Responses to Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack Projector

  1. Rachel says:

    Overpriced – Barely Lights Up

  2. Online Shoppers says:

    My kids love it – ended up purchasing a second.

  3. Leo K says:

    Decent pack for a decent price Bought as a present for my nephew; he just recently discovered the old school Ghost Buster cartoons and loves the show. He just turned 7 years old and was quick to rip the pack from the box, and get it configured to blast away at ghosts around the house. I really didn’t get a chance to inspect the pack, as it did not leave my nephews back the remainder of the time I was at his birthday party. From what I can tell, it looked to be built decent. Didn’t look to be made of cheap plastic, at least…

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