3 Responses to Handcraft Little Boys’ Toy Story 7 Pack Brief, Multi, 2T/3T

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’ve been buying disney underwear for both genders for years. We’ve always purchased them locally, but it was time for my son to move up a size and he’s really into Toy story, but we couldn’t find any locally so I ordered these. The size is what I expected compared to the other Disney underwear we have from local stores, Which means they’re a little smaller than they’re labeled. We ordered the 4t size for my son who fits perfectly in 3t. Which seems to be normal for Disney. However, this…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The designs are not exactly as pictured, but they are really nice and bright and I had not a single one repeated (he loved them). The sizing is true, but I fear the elastic at the waist will be soon too small for a toddler that currently uses 4T (he currently weights 35 lbs, which is in the lower range they indicate on their sizing chart for 4T, hence I thought these would be a tad bigger when they are really a slightly small 4T). The cotton is not great, but not too thin and for the price is…

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