Hot Wheels ​The Super Ultimate Garage

Explore the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage for endless storytelling possibilities and opportunities for heroic, save-the-day moments! Standing over 3 feet tall and storing over 140 cars, this is the biggest Hot Wheels playset ever! Fuel your kid’s imagination exploring the different, exciting play zones, like the drive-up diner and car wash; the dynamic, moving parts, including a motorized elevator; a massive jet plane with a penthouse landing pad; and a menacing gorilla determined to swipe your cars out of the elevator. Crank up the competition with a thrilling side-by-side racetrack that starts at the penthouse so they can race their friends the Hot Wheels way! The garage also has multiple connections points so they can connect to other Hot Wheels sets for a customizable world of track and play. Includes 4 cars and 1 Jet plane.

Product Features

  • Inspire hours of imaginative play with the biggest Hot Wheels playset ever – 3+ feet tall with parking (easy storage) for 140+ cars!
  • Unlock storytelling with a continuous motorized elevator that transports up to 23 cars at a time
  • Drive problem-solving skills to avoid the gorilla that tries to swipe cars out of the elevator and the pterodactyl that grabs cars for its nest
  • Crank up the competition with thrilling side-by-side racing action
  • Rev kids’ creativity with multiple connection points to connect to their other Hot Wheels sets

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3 Responses to Hot Wheels ​The Super Ultimate Garage

  1. m6258 says:

    The super ultimate garage that isn’t super We have the ultimate car garage and purchased the super ultimate for the motorized elevator and tall exit ramp. Like other Hot Wheels toys with a motor, the elevator motor is very loud. We expected this, but didn’t expect that even when the parking level latches are completely closed, the cars would get stuck every few seconds. The motor makes fast clicking sounds until the car can continue up the elevator to the level of choice. A minor problem is one parking space each on levels 1,2, and…

  2. Raul G. says:

    Huge Hot Wheels Garage but Loud and Some Features Aren’t Great My two little boys love toy cars – Hot Wheels, Matchbox, or whatever generic brand – and my household has a small fleet of the miniature toys, track sets, and everything in between. So we obviously jumped at the chance to try out Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage and the results are… a bit mixed. My kids obviously love this toy but as I parent there are some big drawbacks to this toy that should definitely be considered prior to purchasing.——————-► Assembly:…

  3. Miss Carla says:

    Fun Garage with a motorized elevator. Where do I even begin with this…. It was packaged very well and in different bags that were labeled and the instructions were clear and easy to read. I got this put together in about 15 minutes with my two toddlers helping me. Everything snapped together perfectly. My kids love the motorized elevator along with the manual one on the other side of the piece. There is plenty of room that two children or more could all play at the same time and not really get in eachothers way! I personally…

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