Hot Wheels Downtown Police Station Breakout Vehicle Playset

Kids can explore Hot Wheels city through their favorite iconic city locations using their Hot Wheels cars. Lock up bad guys in the police station, spin down the fire pole at the fire station, fuel up and go at the gas station, capture the mischievous monkey at the power plant, and dodge the Piranhas at the aquarium. Each set connects directly to other Hot Wheels city sets with the new connection system, still compatible with your orange track. Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle. Age range is 3-6 years old.

Product Features

  • Kid-favorite city locations ignite the imagination and unlock storytelling play
  • Hot Wheels city sets unlock performance and push-around play for kids with their Hot Wheels cars
  • Connect sets directly to each other using the new connection system
  • Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Collect them all!

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3 Responses to Hot Wheels Downtown Police Station Breakout Vehicle Playset

  1. Amy in the Desert says:

    Great toy for any hot wheels fan, but it’s small and simple so check prices before buying!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOVE these new Hot Wheels City sets! They’re simple but my 4 year old with autism, who is rarely entertained by ANY children’s toys at all, has been having a blast with this and one other Hot Wheels City set since we got them last week. But please do not pay the current asking price here of $25 for this toy! It is small and you will be disappointed! We bought ours at the local Big Box Mart for about $10 which is a reasonable price for this toy. If your kids like hot wheels at all they’re bound…

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