Hot Wheels Extreme Action Light and Sound Sharkruiser

Motorized light and sound vehicles with extreme action and themed music. Experience the chomping/glowing jaw on the Sharkruiser.

Product Features

  • Unique hot wheels vehicle styles with cool, characterized actions.
  • Buttons unlock motorized drive action with ‘chomping’ fun! features exciting light effects, fun sounds and character themed music.
  • Creepy sounds.
  • Creepy sounds
  • Start up sounds, motorized forward drive and extreme effects
  • Music with forward and reverse synced movement

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2 Responses to Hot Wheels Extreme Action Light and Sound Sharkruiser

  1. theresa says:

    cute little shark car I bought this for my grandson as he likes sharks. The toy arrived quickly ( 2 days ) it arrived well packaged and protected. My grandson loves this toy and it is cute, just a little smaller than I thought it would be, but that is okay, my grandson is happy with it. The only thing I found wrong was the light no longer lights after 2 days and it seemed to stop working after it rolled into the couch, but other than that it still works just fine and he does not seem to mind the light not working…

  2. N. Hanafin says:


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