Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset

Crank up the competition with the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set! This interactive, skill-based set drives problem solving with exciting Hot Wheels action while also thrilling racers with super-fast face-offs! Players are put to the test as they strategically launch their Hot Wheels cars into the rotating set. The challenging action fuels kids’ imaginations as they work to perfect their timing and accuracy to crash into opponents’ cars. The last car racing wins! The Roto Revolution Track Set includes two launchers and two Hot Wheels vehicles for hours of imaginative adventures right out of the box!

Product Features

  • Fuel imagination with this interactive, skill-based boosted play set!
  • Crank up the competition as challengers strategically launch their Hot Wheels cars into the rotating set
  • Racers can test and perfect their accuracy as they work to time their launches just right
  • Daredevil speed and in-your-face crashing action ignites their imagination every time!
  • Kids will want to race over and over again to sharpen their skills and score more victories!

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3 Responses to Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset

  1. Eric Byers says:

    This is a lot like the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash set This is a lot like the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash set, which uses roughly the same base/wheels loops out/over. This one changes it up a bit, it only has 3 loops and they go upside down instead of more out, and every time they come back through the car flips a lever so it goes into the other track section.The other major change is that when you turn it on, the item itself rotates as well. This means you can line up cars to shoot into the tracks, and have to get the timing just…

  2. Ladyfingers says:

    Fast Paced And Works Well I didn’t think Roto Revolution would have the same appeal that some of our other Hot Wheels toys do because it doesn’t have the ability to connect up with any of the other sets, like many of them do. I was wrong—the kids absolutely love this two-person car crashing competition. Set-up is easy, and game rules are too. Each player waits for the rotating entry arrows to line up with their car chute. If timing is accurate, their car enters into the…

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