Hot Wheels Star Wars Tie-Fighter Vehicle

Two of the most iconic brands in adventure Hot Wheels and Star Wars have formed an alliance! Fans will love re-creating some of the galaxy’s most epic battles and fiercest showdowns with this highly detailed die-cast replica of the TIE Fighter from the original Star Wars trilogy. Includes an Imperial pilot figure with sculpted details, a hatch that opens and a removable, magnetic cockpit window. Attach the stand with clip-and-swivel mobility to display your Starship or remove the connection point and replace with magnetic cover panel for free-form play.

Product Features

  • The power of the legendary Star Wars TIE Fighter is in your hands with this Hot Wheels Elite die-cast vehicle
  • The iconic ship has played a role in some of the greatest battles in the galaxy!
  • Recreate epic battles and showdowns with this highly detailed die-cast replica of the TIE Fighter
  • Features include an Imperial pilot figure with sculpted details, an opening hatch and removable cockpit window
  • Can be displayed two ways; in-flight on display stand and free form with display stand notch covered

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3 Responses to Hot Wheels Star Wars Tie-Fighter Vehicle

  1. Ferd Mertz says:

    I like it. Finally.

  2. Frank C. says:

    Detail is amazing! This is a beautiful version of the Millennium Falcon.You can use the stand that comes with it it install the landing gear. It comes with removable covers that have small magnets and pegs to keep the plates or landing gear in place.There are two radar dishes available, original trilogy and The Force Awakens version. The magnet is not very strong. While installing the landing gear I kept knocking the dish off.The only other thing that bothered me was the upper…

  3. pprkut02 says:

    WOW! This thing is amazing! It’s got great detail and the paint apps are spot on. It is surprisingly heavy considering its size. I also have the Titanium, revell snap kit and the one from the X-Wing game. This one is by far the best. Being able to display it in flight or with landing gear down is a nice feature. I also appreciate that it came with the original round and square dish. This ship has sold me on this line from Hot Wheels and I will be getting the rest as they are released. At the time of…

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