Hot Wheels Stunt Track & DCC Builder Playset, 40 Feet

Mega Track Pack includes a whopping 40-feet of track, multiplying the customizing action to the max! Inspire kids to embrace challenge and rev creativity by building their own epic Track Builder world and customizing it with the perfect accessories. The Track Builder Mega Track Pack includes a Hot Wheels car for fueling fun right out of the box. Includes 43 easy connection connectors, and 40-feet of straight track with two different lengths! Send cars blasting along the track and speeding through the straightaways. Ignite competition and see which car has what it takes to win! Connects to other sets in the Track Builder system (sold separately) to create stunts, race with friends, and enhance customization.

Product Features

  • Send your Hot Wheels car blasting along the track
  • Connects with other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately) for tons of exciting, stunting fun!
  • Great gift for Hot Wheels fans
  • A great gift for any Hot Wheels fan

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2 Responses to Hot Wheels Stunt Track & DCC Builder Playset, 40 Feet

  1. CG2009 says:

    Good But Not Great Two sides to this….on one side it’s a fair amount of track for the price, plus you get a car. One positive to this track set is that smaller pieces do allow you to do some things that the larger track won’t let you unless you cut it into smaller pieces. On the other side, I don’t think this package is worth buying for three reasons. The first is that you can buy 2 ft. track pieces at Toys ‘R Us and you can get about the same amount of track in large piece form for about the same amount of…

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