Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Spin Turn Track Extension

Epic thrills are right on track with these Vehicle Accelerators—part of the Hot Wheels Track Builder System. Give your track set a speed boost and connect them to existing sets to expand your system! Race around the bend with the Turn Kicker. The Spin Turn let’s you launch a car around a U-turn, a bend or race straight ahead! Each stunt includes connectors, track pieces and one Hot Wheels vehicle. Combined, they give kids five exciting ways to keep the track action going! The possibilities are endless with open system play! Enhance builds with household items like red cups, Mega Bloks and paper tubes. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Product Features

  • Hot Wheels Track Builder System stunt sets that expand the world of play!
  • Five different stunts: Spin Launch, Loop Launcher, Lift & Launch, Turn Kicker and 2-Lane Launcher
  • Kids will enjoy testing their skills and timing with these impressive stunts
  • Each set includes connectors, pieces of track and one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • A combination of stunts that really keep the action going!

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2 Responses to Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Spin Turn Track Extension

  1. For Realz says:

    Best Hot Wheels Launcher Ever! This is by far the best Hot Wheels launcher.I have owned the battery powered launchers and the rubber band pull back launchers and this one is the best. This is why. The battery powered ones are loud and use D batteries. They don’t last long and my little boy doesn’t like to turn it off when he isn’t using it. The rubber band cock back and launch type launchers are hard for little kids to pull back and they don’t shoot that hard. I only have a 3 year old, but I need something to…

  2. Fay wood says:

    Fast ship great

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