2 Responses to Infantino Big Top Discovery Cube Development Toy

  1. TNg says:

    3 month old loves it! Great educational toy! Lots of vibrant colors, different textures and activities all in one plush cube! There is a ball that you can put into a hole (ball is conncected by a string so that it doesn’t get lost). Although my three month old doesn’t know much yet, she loves tracking the object with her eyes. She loves all the vibrant colors and rattle noise and squeals with delight whenever I hold it in front of her. I can’t wait to see how much more she will enjoy this toy as she gets older and…

  2. YukonMom4 says:

    Great activity cube! Got this for my baby niece and she has enjoyed playing with it. The color scheme on it is very appealing to baby’s eyes with the contrasting reds, black and white spots/stripes, and lots of blue and orange. Each side of the cube has something to look at for baby such as a big top circus tent in contrasting colors, giraffes with stripes and polka dots, and a horse with contrasting colors. On several sides of the cube, there are activities for baby to do and items to explore, such as the top…

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