Kan-Jam Ultimate Disc Game

KanJam is a fast-paced 2-on-2 flying disc game! Great for tailgates, barbecues, and outdoor festivites, KanJam is the #1 party game for all ages. This game set includes 2 top quality, official portable goals, a custom designed official KanJam flying disc, and game instructions. HOW TO PLAY: Score points by throwing the disc toward the goal and having your partner deflect it. The game goes to 21 points – not over, not under. HOW TO SCORE: Earn 1 point if your partner dings the goal with a redirected hit. Earn 2 points if the disc hits the goal directly. Earn 3 points if your partner deflects the disc into the goal. An INSTANT WIN occurs if you throw the disc directly into the goal with no help from your partner! It’s Anyone’s Game.

Product Features

  • Kanjam is the perfect game to play with your Buddies on the beach or with your family in the backyard. A great game for all ages
  • Easy to pack and even easier to set-up. Great for camping and tailgating
  • Game set includes 2 portable official goals, a custom-designed official kanjam flying disc and instructions on how to play
  • Made to last with top quality durable, lightweight, and weather-proof materials
  • WE’RE proud to be made in the good OL’ USA

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3 Responses to Kan-Jam Ultimate Disc Game

  1. R. Semmens says:

    so it’s better than cornhole, and here’s why… I tailgate. There, I said it.Living in California, I don’t own the largest car. I have things I got to get to the game. Coolers, tables, grill, you know, stuff. I have to choose what makes it into the Prius. The car is friggin full. I’d love to take a cornhole set, but there’s no way it would fit. So I bought Kan Jam as a similar game that takes up way less space.But here’s why it’s better, and I didn’t know this before owning it. When your teammate is throwing,…

  2. Megan Barrow says:

    Not worth the extra 20 bucks…get original version I love kanjam. I love the look of the glow version as well. The only problem is the lights turn off whenever the disk hits the can. Which makes it really annoying to turn back on and to just happen in general. One of the lights stopped working after the first game. The batteries were shifted inside and the metal plates connected causing a short and causing the light to get really hot (almost burnt my hand). I contacted kanjam for a replacement and they said they would replace the lights for me…

  3. Boomer says:

    Awesome improvement over the first night time set Awesome improvement over the first night time set! The frisbee does not last long for glowing however and hopefully they will improve or update that soon to make this a 5 star! I purchased a frisbee with LED lights and that made the night time package complete.One little glitch with the lights, sometimes when the can was hit to hard they would turn off, but you can quickly turn them back on with the remotes. We had a ton of fun playing into the wee hours of the morning. (Frisbee in the…

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