Kids Alligator Educational Plush & Toothbrush

Discuss and demonstrate oral care to toddlers and kids needing help with dental health. StarSmilez Brush your teeth plush makes oral health fun to help motivate children to brush and floss their teeth every day. This brushing gator gives children a place to practice brushing so they can learn great oral health habits and clearly understand how to brush. The dental model includes 4 flossible locations to teach flossing along with brushing techniques. Making oral hygiene fun for kids, StarSmilez products are used by thousands of dental professionals every day to help their patients understand oral care concepts and techniques. StarSmilez are used to teach millions of children each year about the importance of dental health and their role in maintaining their oral health and a healthy lifestyle. StarSmilez® are the original plush oral health education personalities. Use this lovable stuffed animal with teeth to teach children proper oral health care. Perfect for one on one instruction, this educational tool is a fun way to get a child excited about dental health care. Introduce your child to a lifetime of great oral health and a new tooth brushing buddy.

Product Features

  • Turn brushing into child’s play while teaching kids to brush their teeth
  • 5 quality toothbrushes made in the USA for ages 2-5, FDA approved materials, BPA free
  • Extra-soft bristles, textured broad handle, sculpted and cushioned for small hands
  • 10″ tall plush helps children learn to have great oral health habits
  • Includes access to educational games, brushing charts, health activities, and How To’s

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  1. idontwantaname says:

    Fun way to incorporate dental hygiene

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