Kids Tools Set with 24 Pretend Play Construction Tools in Sturdy Case, Toy Choi’s Gift Toys for Toddlers Children Baby Boys and Girls

We all know that kids love to emulate their father while dad is working at the work bench.

children would likely to use these grown-up tools when they try to build something since they do not have their own tool set.
This could lead to serious consequence since adult tools could be clumsy and dangerous for children.
A kids tool set will help parent to solve all these problems.
With Toy Choi’s tool set for kids,
your kids can work on their own construction project with their own tool set;
whether they need to drill, measure or hammer things.

This 24 pieces tool set for kids contains:

1 * Adjustable Spanner
1 * Saw
1 * Press Drill
1 * Shovel
1 * Tapeline
1 * H Clip
1 * Spirit Level
1 * Hammer
1 * Wodden block
1 * Wrench
2 * Nail
4 * Graphic Ruler
4 * Screw Nut
4 * Screw

More than that, this tool set for kids come with a durable case to store the tools accessories which will help to teach your kids how to put things in order and do things organized.
Toy Choi’s offers a range of kids tool set products, you are more than welcome to visit our store.

Product Features

  • 24 PIECES TOYS TOOL SET FOR TODDLERS: Toy Choi’s 24 pieces toy set is specially designed for toddlers in order to improve their imagination and develop their hand-eye coordination while your child is playing.
  • QUALITY & SAFETY: The quality of the product is always Toy Choi’s priority, each single piece is made out of superior quality raw materials so that it can use for years without deformation or color fading because of long term usage. Therefore, your kid can pass it to his or her siblings and it will perform as good as the new one. Moreover, we will make sure that there will be no sharp edges on every single accessory.
  • REALISTIC TOOL FUNCTIONS: Every tool accessories pieces is produced according to the real production prototype included the product scale as well as the application methods. A press drill and a realistic tapeline are also included in this kids tool set.
  • PORTABILITY & DURABILITY: The sturdy plastic case provide a great protection to your children’s favorite tools, the internal blister packaging will keep the tools stationary to prevent damage due to collision while carrying around.
  • A BETTER CHOICE OF GIFT: This tool set for toddlers is a great present for kids and boys. With a build-in handle on the top which increase the portability that allows your kids carry around or take it on a trip.

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