Kidzlane Interactive Electronic Cash Register Toy for Kids – 20+ Realistic Pieces Pretend Playset

Mathematics Toys
Your children with have a blast playing with this cashier register toy for hours on end.
They’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realize that they are learning
how to do math and work with money.
This cash register toy for kids is an educational toy that’s a whole lot of fun.

Realistic Toys Fuel Imagination
Realistically working, this cash register toy for kids is highly realistic.
The buttons beep when they’re pressed and numbers are displayed on the realistic LED screen.
The cash drawer opens for your child to make change.
Filled with a wide selection of play money, your child will be able to learn to handle coins as well as bills.
There’s even an option to swipe a credit card, just like mommy and daddy do.

. This cashier toy allows your children to model and experiment with adult behavior
that they will need when they grow up.

Great Gift
This cashier toy makes a great gift for a family with several children or a child with a lot of friends.
. Strong and durable, all 20+ pieces of this working cash register set are built to be played with by many children
for a long time. You’ll feel good giving a child an education gift that’s a lot of fun.
. This working cash register set for kids comes completed with the 2 AA batteries required included.

Product Features

  • REAL ACTION REGISTER – Buttons beep when pressed, numbers display on the LED screen, pretend credit card swipe with sound, and the cash drawer opens just like on a real cash register.
  • PRETEND MONEY – The cash drawer of this cash register set is full with play money for your child to make change with. There’s even a credit card!
  • PRETEND GROCERIES – Stocked full with play food this cashier set has a wide range of food to check out and pay for including: milk, chocolate milk, canned goods, boxed goods, drinks and more!
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES – This cash register toy is ideal for children playing is small groups and learning to work together.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – 100% money back guarantee if this working cash register for kids does not make you happy.

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3 Responses to Kidzlane Interactive Electronic Cash Register Toy for Kids – 20+ Realistic Pieces Pretend Playset

  1. M L says:

    Great Gift!

  2. Eva Lin says:

    3 Year Old Niece Liked It – Play For Hours – Register Sounds Off – Comes With Play-Grocery Products As Listed My niece (3) loved this little cash register. It came with the items as listed in the photographs and she seemed to have gravitated to playing with this a lot during Xmas. I think that for safety reasons that the coins should be replaced with more boxed grocery to prevent from choking but parents can either discard them if they agree there too small.Pros👍- Cashier sounds when register opens👍- Came with all products as listed (Fun, fun)👍- Niece (3 years old)…

  3. Gwen VanVeldhuizen says:

    The packaging was great. Toy looks really sturdy

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