Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

Baby will love to watch Flip Flap Dragon flapping his wings! Pull the white clip to make his vibrant, satin purple wings flip and flap back and forth. Baby can also explore his crinkly feet and squeaky nose. Featuring soft fabrics in a variety of contrasting colors with six different materials your baby can explore and develop their senses. The Lamaze clip lets you hook Flip Flap to strollers, carriers and diaper bags to take him along for on-the-go fun. Clip doubles as a hoop you can connect to pushchairs and car seats for fun on-the-run

Product Features

  • Pull on the white clip to make the dragons vibrant wings flap, encouraging cause and effect play
  • Crinkle and squeaker sounds help develop auditory senses
  • Six different materials encourage touch and help stimulate baby’s tactile development
  • Multi-purpose clip connects to strollers and diaper bags so you can clip and go
  • Features bright colors and vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby’s visual perception

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2 Responses to Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is one of my baby girl’s top three favorite toys. Once, when she was three months old and in the midst of a complete meltdown, the only thing that would calm her down is watching the dragon fly. My hands and arms got tired, but I was so grateful that something worked! Now that she is six months old and has quite a few toys, she often selects this one and plays with it independently. The bright colors and patterns are appealing. She also enjoys gnawing on its tail. The only reason I’m not…

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