Lamaze Mix & Match Caterpillar

Baby can discover new sounds, colors and textures with The Lamaze Mix and Match Caterpillar. This cute caterpillar is a soft toy and color-matching puzzle all-in-one! Mix and Match Caterpillar is made up of eight separate segments that easily join together. Let baby take apart or put together the caterpillar any way they choose, or play a color matching game with baby. Give him a shake and a squeeze and baby can discover delightful squeaks and chimes. There are multi-colored ribbons, crinkly textures, knotted legs and plenty of contrasting patterns for baby to explore.

Product Features

  • Pull segments apart and put back together at random, or match colors!
  • Crinkle and squeaker for auditory and gross motor skill development
  • Offers a fun way for toddlers to practice matching and color recognition
  • Multiple colors and patterns for visual development
  • Multiple textures help stimulate tactile development

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  1. Robert K. Johnson says:

    Good for babies

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