LEGO Disney Princess 41065 Rapunzel’s Best Day Ever Building Kit (145 Piece)

Run free with Rapunzel and her friend Maximus the horse for one special day! Have fun on the swing as she dips her feet into the water for the first time and touches the magic flower to renew her powers. Create a beautiful canvas with the paintbrush and then pick an apple from the tree for Maximus. There’s also hay and water for him to enjoy while you prepare food in the tower kitchen. What an amazing day! This colorful LEGO l Disney Princess set includes a mini-doll figure: Rapunzel, plus Maximus the horse.

Product Features

  • LEGO® l Disney Princess™ set features a 2-story princess tower with a kitchen, balcony and a tiara hiding place, plus a functioning swing with a painting canvas and WANTED poster for Flynn Ride
  • Accessory elements include a magic flower, tiara, paintbrush, frying pan, cooking oil bottle, croissant, apple, hay and a water bucket
  • Includes a mini-doll figure: Rapunzel, plus Maximus the horse
  • Princess tower measures over 7″ (18cm) high, 2″ (6cm) wide and 2″ (6cm) deep
  • Swing measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 4″ (11cm) wide and 1″ (3cm) deep
  • This LEGO® Disney Princess™ set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 5-12

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2 Responses to LEGO Disney Princess 41065 Rapunzel’s Best Day Ever Building Kit (145 Piece)

  1. Dnivra says:

    Amazing toy to build and for hours of pretend play!

  2. Marie Scotts says:

    Lots of play value Easy to put together. Quite a bit of play value. I purchased this because my two year old twins love Rapunzel and admire their 5 year old brother’s Star Wars legos. So I got this for them to play with when I am around to supervise. They love it. Rapunzel can swing, hold a frying pan, look out the window, hold flowers. My girls even make Rapunzel feed Maximus the apple included.I would have preferred the taller tower, but that one is no longer made and too expensive. So this was a…

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