LEGO Juniors Cars 2 66574 Building Kit (121 Piece)

Be part of the exciting Disney Pixar Cars 3 racing world with Cruz Ramirez and her Race Simulator, featuring a rotating screen, ramp and turbine fan to test Cruz’ racing skills. Includes a simple guide to build and play, and bigger pieces help build confidence in younger kids. Includes a Cruz Ramirez LEGO Juniors character. Join Mater in his Easy to Build junkyard as he chats with Lightning McQueen on the video screen, featuring a movable crane and Tow Mater sign. Use the crane to lift the assorted car parts out of the box and attach them to the buildable tow truck, and have fun testing them on this lovable Disney Pixar Cars 3 character. Includes a simple guide to build and play, and bigger pieces help build confidence in younger kids. Includes a Mater LEGO Juniors character. LEGO Juniors is an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4-7.

Product Features

  • Includes a Cruz Ramirez and a Mater character from Disney Pixar Cars 3
  • Accessory elements include various car parts, a video screen with Lightning McQueen image, Tow Mater sign and a fence
  • Includes easy to build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide to get kids building and playing quickly
  • Play out fun scenes with these popular characters from Disney Pixar Cars 3
  • Classic Mater pickup includes a crane on the back
  • Both individually packaged sets will be delivered in a plain white LEGO box

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3 Responses to LEGO Juniors Cars 2 66574 Building Kit (121 Piece)

  1. iiiireader says:

    Fun Cruz Rameriz Lego Juniors set – quick to build This is a Lego Juniors kit which includes 59 pieces. The kit contains the pieces to build a Cruz Ramirez and a race simulator. The wind tunnel fan is manual and is spun by using your fingertip. The red and green blocks are merely translucent and do not light up (though the photo on the front of the box may give that impression.)My grandson, who is almost four years old, was able to put it together with some help from me. With Juniors kits, some pieces are already put together (such…

  2. Comtesse Gigi says:

    Best for Over 5 Years of Age/Don’t Lose the Pieces If you are not familiar with the Lego Junior sets, here is the run down. The Legos are same size as the regular Legos. So tiny pieces for you to step on and feel a pain beyond your wildest imagination is highly probable. These are not a size of Lego that is between Duplo and Lego, which is what I initially thought they would be. It’s what I hoped they would be. Instead, Lego Juniors are the first step to learning how to build sets with Legos using instructions. There are fewer pieces and…

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