LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928 Building Kit 397 pieces

Unite Owen with the faithful Velociraptor in this thrilling Blue’s Helicopter Rescue set, inspired by Jurassic World. Wheatley has trapped Blue in a cage and attached it to his helicopter, featuring rotating blades, 6-stud shooter and dual searchlights. Set off in the quad bike with trailer and fire the crossbow, rescue the dinosaur and retrieve the dinosaur eggs. This cool toy for kids includes 3 minifigures and a Velociraptor figure.

Product Features

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Owen, Wheatley and a pilot, plus a Blue the Velociraptor figure
  • Features an open-door helicopter with rotating blades, belly hook, 6-stud shooter, dual searchlights and space for a storage chest, plus a cage with folding sides, and a quad bike with a spare tire
  • Velociraptor features posable limbs and snapping jaws
  • Weapons include a tranquilizer gun with a syringe, a handgun stud shooter and a crossbow stud shooter
  • Accessory elements include Owen’s backpack, dinosaur tooth, chicken leg and a dinosaur egg
  • This cool toy for kids is suitable for ages 7-12
  • Helicopter measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 10″ (27cm) long and 7″ (20cm) wide, Quad bike with trailer measures over 1″ (4cm) high, 3″ (10cm) long and 1″ (4cm) wide
  • Trap/cage measures over 3″ (10cm) high, 4″ (12cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) deep when open, and 2″ (7cm) wide and 2″ (7cm) deep when closed, Velociraptor stands over 2″ (7cm) tall

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3 Responses to LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928 Building Kit 397 pieces

  1. SW says:

    Cool Vehicles, Plus Dino

  2. SciFiChick says:

    This is a very fun LEGO set that comes with 3 mini figs and … This is a nice helicopter Lego build set that plays into a Jurassic World scene my boys are already familiar with, thanks to the trailer. The large-scale Blue dino isn’t in scale to its accompanying minifigs (in the movies Blue and all the Raptors are only slightly taller than the humans) but it’s an impressive dino all the same, that also has standard minifig rounded hands/claws that can hold objects, if desired.The vehicle playlets are always among my sons’ favorites, and this…

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