Loofa Dog 12″ Plush Dog Toy, Colors May Vary

Multipet’s Popular plush Loofa dog toy with squeaker.

Product Features

  • Plush Toy for Dog
  • Toy Squeaks to keep dog entertained.
  • Keeps Dog Entertained

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2 Responses to Loofa Dog 12″ Plush Dog Toy, Colors May Vary

  1. riirca37 says:

    There are worse things to spend your money on. So I’ve come to believe that the success of a dog toy depends about 30% on how well the toy is made and about 70% on what your dog is into. If your dog likes to cuddle, chase, nibble, hump, toss around and shake their toys, then this toy is pretty great, as dog toys go. They are pretty big, made of reasonably sturdy material for those purposes and have a couple of different squeakers inside to make it interesting. They’re also really inexpensive.If, however, your dogs are like…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Easily Destroyed Great toy, my 10 week toy poodle absolutely loves it. It was his favorite toy among coming home, and cuddled with it nightly. Nevertheless, over three weeks even his tiny baby teeth tore a hole in the face and stuffing has began to come out. I may purchase another one, and just not let him play with it as often as he did to increase the life of it. Also, not sure if he chewed it so much that the squeaker no longer works, or if it came without it working. But it does not squeak. It doesn’t…

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