Make: Electronics Component Pack 1 Deluxe – New 2nd Edition Kit Follows the Latest Make: Electronics (2nd ed) Educational Book by Charles Platt

The ProTechTrader Make: Electronics Component Kit 1 has been designed to be used with the second edition of Charles Platt’s hands on learning book, Make: Electronics. Rounding up all of the necessary components can be time consuming and frustrating and we think learning electronics should be fun and exciting, so we’ve created the ideal component kit for experiments 1-11. The component shopping has been done so you can hit the ground running. You can rely on the ProTechTrader Component Pack 1 to supply you with the necessary components you’ll need for chapters 1 & 2 which cover experiments 1 – 11 of the Best Seller Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery 2nd Edition by Charles Platt and all are housed in a durable easy to carry double-sided plastic organizer. Each of the components are clearly labeled for easy access.

The ProTechTrader Component Pack 1 comes with an identification and includes:
▪ Double Sided Storage Compartment Carrying Case
▪ Solderless Breadboard
▪ Basic and Low Current LEDs
▪ Bipolar Transistors
▪ 9V Battery Connector
▪ Test Leads with Alligator Clips
▪ Carrier for AA Battery
▪ Toggle and Tactile PCB Switches
▪ DPDT PCB Non-Latching relays
▪ Linear Potentiometers
▪ Trimmer Potentiometer
▪ Blade Fuses
▪ Small 8 Ohm Loudspeaker
▪ Hookup Wire in Three Colors
▪ All Required Resistors and Capacitors

With well over 100 components it’s hard to believe we offer a ProTechTrader Deluxe Component Kit 1! The ProTechTrader Deluxe Component Pack 1 includes all the components in the regular Component Pack 1 in addition to the following essential items:
▪ Economy Digital Multimeter
▪ 9V & AA Alkaline Batteries

Product Features

  • Essential Components for Experiments 1 – 11 in the second edition of Make: Electronics by Charles Platt
  • Over 125 pieces included covers all the new experiments in Chapters 1 & 2 in the latest 2nd ed Learning by Discovery book
  • Double Sided Storage Carrying Case with over 30 compartments to keep your electronics organized – Configurable to hold your completed circuits as well.
  • Includes a solderless breadboard which is used for circuit prototyping and provides an excellent base for anyone to learn electronics
  • Designed for the updated rewritten 2015 2nd Ed update of Make: Electronics – Also great for anyone beginning to learn electronics and circuit design. A great STEM classroom choice and popular with adults beginning to learn electronic circuit design.

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3 Responses to Make: Electronics Component Pack 1 Deluxe – New 2nd Edition Kit Follows the Latest Make: Electronics (2nd ed) Educational Book by Charles Platt

  1. Brian says:

    Interested in IoT – Looking to learn about circuits I have become interested in learning about IoT (the internet of things) – so much so that I bought which is a Raspberry Pi 3 kit to start to learn. After a week or two playing around with various operating systems and media centers, I decided it was time to move on to some code and some circuits. The trouble was that the kit didn’t come with any experiments or guides on…

  2. Brandon Diamond says:

    Complete, organized, and convenient As an aspiring electronics hobbyist, I wanted to set myself up for success with the Make: Electronics series of books. While it’s possible to source all of the components you’ll need by hand — doing so is quite a project in and of itself. For instance, even with a parts list, it can be quite difficult to ensure that the components you’re buying are the right ones.And that’s why these kits are so fantastic.Instead of scanning through the book and putting together one…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Great kit! Organized and well thought-out.

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