Maxx Action 11.5″ Toy Mini Machine Gun with Electronic Sound, Lights, and Vibration – Camo

Maxx Action toy mini machine gun by Sunny Days Entertainment. Awesome electronic gun sounds and flashing LED lights. Realistic motorized vibration puts you deep into the action. Military issue camo finish. Batteries included.

Product Features

  • Electronic gun sounds, lights, and vibrations powered by two AA batteries – included
  • Flashing electronic LED lights
  • Realistic motorized Vibrations
  • Military issue camouflage finish
  • Realistic Look and Feel – Perfect Costume Accessory

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3 Responses to Maxx Action 11.5″ Toy Mini Machine Gun with Electronic Sound, Lights, and Vibration – Camo

  1. Lady says:

    Prop approved

  2. Dan says:

    Decent toy gun for a child. It’s safe since it doesn’t actually shoot anything, project any lasers, etc. Needs adjustable volume My son’s first toy gun. I just want him to get a feel for how to hold the the thing and figured it would be perfect since this is basically a 2 handed gun for people with small hands. My live-in girlfriend is mostly against guns, although she agreed to let me get this for him now that he is almost 3. I didn’t want to get him anything that shoots a real projectile yet. He can get a nerf gun in another year or two. Those can hurt when you get hit in the eye.My girlfriend also is annoyed by…

  3. Jenny chitwood says:

    Seems like good quality as tested by my 3 sons. We have 3 BOYS ages 7, 10, 12. The sound is pretty loud and can get annoying, so where ever I am I will declare a no firing zone ;-). I like the fact that I am not constantly picking up bullets (or the dog chewing them to pieces) and that they are not fighting over them. We bought 2 and so far they are not broken an my boys are pretty rough on toys. We took these camping we there wher other boys and they still came home in one piece (the gun we bought at walk-mart did not. Great buy for the…

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