National Geographic Kids

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS is a fact-filled, fast-paced magazine created especially for ages 6 and up. With an award-winning combination of photos, facts, and fun, NG KIDS has captivated its more than one million readers for over 35 years. Articles and departments entertain and inspire readers to learn about their world with amazing information about animals, science, technology, archaeology, geography, and pop culture, plus jokes, games, activities in every issue.National Geographic Kids magazine is aimed at young readers from six years and up who want to find out more about the world around them. The magazine contains a superb blend of photos, fun facts, and articles presented in a cheery style, making it perfect for keeping kids’ attention. National Geographic Kids magazine has been presenting information to kids in an accessible way for over thirty-five years.

You can expect the same kind of subjects to be included in National Geographic Kids magazine that you get in the adult version-animals, science, archaeology, and geography-but with technology and pop culture added to the mix too. As you might expect, there is also a strong emphasis on magnificent wildlife photography. Frequent appearances of animal posters can be found within the pages, as well as high-quality photographs sprinkled throughout the magazine. The addition of games and jokes, alongside other activities such as puzzles and competitions, keeps the subjects light, while still getting across the important facts.

Your children can explore ancient civilizations on one page, come face-to-face with exotic wildlife on another, and turn the next page to a make and do project, which is often perfect for homework. There are always plenty of gross/interesting facts about animals that your children are certain to share with you, or they can turn to the page that gives them the low-down on their favorite star. Regular competitions are sure to keep your kids involved too.

This quality publication ensures that your children learn while still having fun, so they are more likely to retain the information. National Geographic Kids magazine really helps to bring the world to life, and gets your children excited about learning.

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  1. Fun Times Mom says:

    My 10 year old son has read these for years and enjoys getting them in the mail. 🙂 Currently A Great Buy Here! These magazines are only sent out practically every month (except for 2 months in the year, June/July and Dec/Jan are combined so 10 issues) my 10 year old son is always excited when he gets them. He likes to read at times in addition to the nightly reading his school requires, but I wouldn’t say he loves to read. So I am thrilled that he looks forward to this magazine every month (ish). He will even read these on his own without being told. Most of the stories are short and sweet, but he…

  2. Dixie says:

    Granddaughter really likes this. However, Natl Geo keeps …

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