Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy & Treat Puppy Starter Set, Pink Puppy Chew Toys for Girls

Introduce your puppy to the Nylabone family of products to develop healthy chewing habits right from the start! The Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy & Treat Puppy Starter Set includes a soft, chicken flavored dental puppy chew toy for teething puppies, a chicken flavored bone for puppies starting to get their permanent teeth, and a Healthy Edibles lamb & apple natural puppy treat just for puppies 6 months and older.

Product Features

  • TEETHING PUPPY BONE: Pink puppy chew toy for girls that eases pain during the teething stage
  • PUPPY CHEW TOY: Fun puppy chew that teaches good chewing habits
  • HEALTHY PUPPY TREAT: Natural puppy treat in wholesome lamb & apple flavor
  • A puppy starter set that covers all chewing stages
  • Puppy chew toys and puppy treat made in USA

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3 Responses to Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy & Treat Puppy Starter Set, Pink Puppy Chew Toys for Girls

  1. Eric Kotal says:

    Want an ER Visit?

  2. Greg R says:

    Dangerous – Does not digest – DO NOT BUY Please do not buy this product, it is dangerous for your dog and doesn’t digest as others have mentioned.I gave the edible bone to my dog on Xmas morning and he ate the bone completely in a matter of minutes but a large piece ended up getting lodged in his esophagus. The vet had to operate on him in order to save his life and push the particle into his stomach in order to remove it. What was particularly disturbing is that there was already another large piece in his stomach that…

  3. sublimesoul1 says:

    Warning, Danger. Can become painfully wedged around jaw. This is one of many puppy chew toys I bought for my new sweet Rottweiler puppy. She didn’t show too much interest in it at first but one day not long after she began teething, she picked it out of her toy chest and started gnawing away. I was peacefully at my computer when suddenly she was very loudly and painfully screaming,howling,yelping like I had never heard before. I jumped from my chair in a panicked frenzy and rushed to find her. Luckily, she was just a few feet away under the coffee…

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