O Ball Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch Take-Along Toy

Add this versatile arch to baby’s stroller and suddenly strolling and shopping becomes an adventure! The Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch from Oball easily attaches to almost any stroller and keeps baby entertained with an easy-to-grasp Oball, a lion rattle, an elephant rattle and Oball Linky Loops to attach additional toys. The flexible, soft material keeps little hands busy with bold colors and tactile challenges.

Product Features

  • Made of soft flexible Oball material
  • Includes 3 fun Oball toys: An original easy-to-grasp 3″ Oball, lion rattle, fun elephant with rattle, 4 linky loops to attach additional toys
  • Easy to attach to most strollers
  • Adjust easily to baby’s size

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3 Responses to O Ball Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch Take-Along Toy

  1. Lexie P says:

    Great buy!

  2. Linda G. says:

    Probably great for very young baby’s, but not stronger, grabby kids

  3. banana19anna says:

    Stretches, tilts, rattles, and so much more that other toys don’t! We love this!!! My son is almost 3 months. We had an Oball that he loved to grasp and shake so I thought this would be good. The lion and the elephant rattle, which I wasn’t sure of from the description, so I thought I’d mention it. He loves rattles right now, so we were happy with that. I included a photo of him with this. He never sat in this chair much before, even when I put the seat’s included arch on it. When I HAD to put him in, he hated it. Now, you can see how concentrated he is on…

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