Piano Keyboard Toy 24 Keys Pink Electronic Musical Multifunctional Instruments with Microphone

Best gift for your kids

Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand new electronic organ.
This new musical instrument is filled with many different capabilities allowing a child to become a musical star and further explore his/her musical creativity.
There are buttons that allow the toy to play background music for the talented artist, and these tempos can be accelerated or decreased depending on one’s musical level.
The keyboard comes associated with 22 keys that all imitate the sound of a piano but can easily be changed to sound like a violin, xylophone, flute, and many more! The keyboard does come equipped with a microphone to project one’s angelic voice.


Material: Non-toxic environmental protection plastic
Suggested age: 3 years old and above

Package Content:
1* 24-Key Black Piano Toy, powered by 4 AA batteries (I’m sorry, we can’t give you the battery service) , needs a small screwdriver to open the screw on the battery cover (Not Included).
3* Tripods
1* Connecting line for MP3 and mobile phone etc. (MP3 and mobile phone etc. are not included).
1* Instruction Manual
1* Colorful Carton Box

From the Manufacturer
If you like this toy, our services, please leave positive feedback. We do our best to provide the best quality low price products. However, if you have any questions, please do not leave negative feedback, before you give us a chance to help you.

Baby’s intellectual growth comes from your wise choice: Add to cart now, your baby will love this piano toy.

Product Features

  • Excellent piano makes wonderful tone, develop baby’s musical talent at an early age 3 years old or so.
  • 24-KEY DESIGN-with Microphone & different functions with Volume Control, allow you and your baby to immerse in your music world.
  • The lid of the piano can be opened with the support rod to adjust the height of the lid.
  • Toy piano size is about 28 * 22 * 26CM/11*8.7*10.2″. 3 AA batteries required (Not included).
  • Each one comes with fully refund guarantee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or advice, we are glad to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Piano Keyboard Toy 24 Keys Pink Electronic Musical Multifunctional Instruments with Microphone

  1. LI LIU says:

    What a wonderful learning toy What a wonderful learning toy! My 1 year old daughter loves this piano. Since the day the piano came in ,my little girl insists on playing with it several times a day. Is she old enough to play songs? No! But she loves to hit the keys and hear the sounds. She is refining her fine motor skills with it as well. She has begun to use just one finger to strike specific keys to hear the different sounds. Great toy for life and she has when she grows up. The look on the face as she plays (and…

  2. Mean says:

    Girls love this little toy piano! My girls are so excited when we receive this piano toy.Firstly, it’s so easy to assemble it. It has many build in sounds and melodies and my girls can explore all different instrument sounds. Next, it comes with a microphone. My 20 months can hold it for all day long. My girls do role play game. My 4 years old plays piano and my little sings. Finally, it’s the best part. The toy piano can connect with my phone. I will play music from the phone,…

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