Playgro 4011455 Rock N Stack Toy (Rainbow) for baby infant toddler children

A rainbow of five teeth-able rings fit over a cone with a rocking base. Babies can sort and stack the rings, then bat at the base to watch it rock back and forth. Playgro’s textured stacking rings are an essential for any baby. Their vibrant colors and fun design make them perfect for playtime!

Product Features

  • Brightly colored rings stimulate visual perception
  • Textured surfaces for promoting tactile development
  • Great for encouraging counting and cognitive development
  • Ages 9+ months
  • STEAM/STEM toys for a bright future

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3 Responses to Playgro 4011455 Rock N Stack Toy (Rainbow) for baby infant toddler children

  1. Deborah C. says:

    A Multi-faceted/Multi-use Toy Here is a multi-use/multi-faceted toy. The bright colors attract your baby’s attention. The baby can see and feel the rings’ different sizes and practice putting the rings back on the cone. The Rock N’ Stack provides a tactile way to learnabout different sizes. If your child is teething, the textured rings may help ease that. You can name the colors, introducethe words small, smaller, smallest, large, larger, largest, round, bump(s), etc. Try making a game of “Which ring goes on…

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