PLS Baby Music Mushroom House Electronic Learning Toy

The PLS Baby Music Mushroom House has various features that will help your baby interact, learn and have a fun time. It has letter shape buttons that will sound the pronounciation of the letter. It has a clock that helps kids understand the concept of time. There is simple cartoon abacus with numbers and colored counting beads, that can help kids learn. The inserting blocks help kids develop basic motor and cognitive skills.

The toy operates on 3x”AA” size batteries. The package includes 3x”AA” size Maxell Alkaline batteries for extended play time.

Music mushroom house provides you and the baby quality play time that helps develop many skills.

Overview of Features:

  • Piano keys.
  • Sounding letter keys.
  • Simple cartoon abacus.
  • Inserting blocks

Product Features

  • A toy for infants and toddlers that encourages physical and mental interaction.
  • Inserting blocks, shapes, letters and animals help kids develop cognitive skills.
  • Pressing the letters help kids to learn pronounciation of letters.
  • Playing with the clock helps learn the concept of time and piano keys provide entartainment and develop musical skills.
  • Comes in easy-to-open recyclable packaging and includes 3x”AA” size Maxell Alkaline batteries.

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2 Responses to PLS Baby Music Mushroom House Electronic Learning Toy

  1. Artistic Mom says:

    Best toy with multiple uses! This toy is awesome! My son drags it around with him everywhere. It has so much to keep him entertained. At the top it has a 4 piece puzzle sorter which is great because it teaches the colors and shapes when you put them inside the mushroom. Then there’s the cute piano that has two modes. One where it can play notes and one where it plays songs. I also loved the fact that when he pressed the keys a,b,c, or d would pop out. It was great to see him trying to press each key (the keys were the…

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