POOF Pool Toys Hot Potato Splash

POOF Pool Toys Hot Potato Splash takes the classic game of Hot Potato hydro! Players in the pool toss and catch the musical tater. Whoever’s holding the Potato when the music stops is eliminated. Last one sporting the spud is the winner! Play it in the pool, lake or even the bathtub. Includes a waterproof Hot Potato, 3-LR44 batteries and instructions.

Product Features

  • Wild, frantic, laugh out loud, electronic musical tater-tossing good time for play in bathtubs and pools
  • Squeeze the Hot Potato to begin the game’s music and the fun begins
  • Pass the potato to another player, but don’t get caught holding the spud when the music stops
  • Includes an electronic Hot Potato Splash, 3 LR44 batteries and instructions
  • Recommended for children 5-years of age and older

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3 Responses to POOF Pool Toys Hot Potato Splash

  1. Cassandra Tanner says:

    Lasted less than 24 hours

  2. Shelly K says:

    Eh This is basically a foam toy that plays music. It stops randomly.I bought this with no intention to use in a pool. I chose this one over the fabric one because this one had better reviews. Honestly, I dont think it makes much difference. We might use it in a pool, but for now, just in the house.First, I have to say that this toy is LOUD. I had to put duct tape over the speaker in the back because it is so loud. It says it includes irreplaceable batteries. Meaning that…

  3. Hamazon Gustomer says:

    Fun water toy!

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