RockJam Portable Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and Foot Pedals

Take your drumming skills on the road with the Rock Jam rolling drum kit. Included in the Super Kit is a thick padded rollup drum kit that features 9 drums and cymbal pads with many different sounds, two pedals that emulate a real drum kit, power supply that saves money with batteries, and drum sticks. It features an output for headphones so the musician will not distract his surroundings, a record function so your best beats can be remembered, and an option to use AAA batteries just in case you are not by an outlet. Unlike many electronic drum sets, the Rock Jam drum kit can be rolled up so you can easily take it with you on the road. The Rock Jam Portable Rolling Drum Kit is a great first drum set as it emulates a real drum set, nearly takes up no space, and lets you practice in private.

Product Features

  • Drum pads provide realistic expression; similar sounds to a non-electric drum kit
  • 9 Drums pads and 2 drum pedals make a variety of sounds
  • Thick pad can be rolled easily to make travel easier
  • Necessary Accessories included: Two Pedals. Power Supply, and Drumsticks
  • Output for headphones

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2 Responses to RockJam Portable Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and Foot Pedals

  1. Junie says:

    A poorly designed toy. I got this for my 11 year old. He’s been taking drum lessons for a couple of years and is in band and jazz band. He has a real drum kit, but I thought this would be fun for him to get some drum time in while in his room and in a way that doesn’t rock the whole house. He was not at all impressed by the RockJam kit.This is a toy. It is not a tool for someone who plays the drums. The sticks are not full size drum sticks, but are significantly shorter. They are very light and…

  2. PATOLA says:

    A Lot Of Drum Styles Are Packed In Here This pliable drum kit has an impressive array of sounds it can create. You have 9 drums for the sticks and 2 foot pedals for bass drums. In addition to that, there is the ability to change the different types of drums with a style button. Being a novice I don’t know the technical names – regular drums you’d hear in a band, drums that sound more like they are from the islands etc…There is also a demo mode where you can hear different genre’s of drum beats and a tempo button to…

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