Safe Coin Bank Toy – Electronic Cash Money Piggy Box ATM Locker (Dark Blue-Grey)

Every kid dreams of having a real bank account and depositing their paychecks into a fancy bank safe. Ignite their imagination with this unique, stylish Safe Coin Bank in a classy color theme. They’ll have a blast setting a four-digit password, spinning the wheel, and storing their allowance money and favorite toys inside the coolest piggy bank ever. The smooth, realistic operation is sure to make them feel just like a grown-up. Each purchase includes one Safe Coin Bank.

Product Features

  • KEEP ALL YOUR TREASURES SAFE INSIDE THE WORLD’S COOLEST TOY BANK: Our kid-friendly Coin Bank Safe is the perfect place to guard all your kids’ most precious possessions, like cash and change, toys and books, favorite toys, and letters from friends. Flashing lights and smooth operation make it feel just like the real thing. It’s a fun, funky alternative to the traditional piggy bank.
  • KIDS WILL LOVE PRETENDING TO USE THEIR OWN OLD-FASHIONED SAFE: Just feed your bills directly into the automatic money scroll at the front, and it will be rolled into the safe – just like a real ATM. Or use the handy coin slot at the top of the safe to drop money inside and use it as a cool, creative bank.
  • REALISTIC OPERATION SPARKS THE IMAGINATION AND BUILDS GOOD SAVING HABITS: Set a secret four-digit code, then spin the rotary wheel to swing open the safe’s door and reveal the treasure within. Your kids will have a blast playing “grown ups” and staging bank heists. Plus, it might even help them save their weekly allowance.
  • OUR BANKS ARE BUILT TOUGH FOR YEARS OF IMAGINATIVE PLAYTIME: There’s nothing more disappointing than a cool toy that stops working right away. Thankfully, our coin bank safes are built tough to stand up to years of imagination and creativity. If you forget the password, just reset it automatically by removing the battery.
  • DON’T COUNT ON THEM BEING HERE FOREVER, GRAB YOUR SAFE COIN BANK TODAY: We do our best to keep these funky safe coin banks in stock year-round, but we cannot guarantee their availability. Be sure to snatch yours up before they’re gone.

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3 Responses to Safe Coin Bank Toy – Electronic Cash Money Piggy Box ATM Locker (Dark Blue-Grey)

  1. Rosie C says:

    This coin bank is adorable! With a battery

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Five Stars

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