Schylling Kids Accordion

Our finely crafted accordion had wood construction with a durable plastic coating. The easy to learn instruction sheet has songs included! You will be putting on a show in no time! This is a great way for a child to start to learn the accordion in a simple and easy way.Your child probably doesn’t know Lawrence Welk or the accordion he toted around so famously for years. That should work in the favor of this sturdy, enjoyable instrument. Compact and well built, this starter instrument is a great introduction to the accordion–or just a lot of ephemeral fun. The accordion fits nicely into the palms of an adult’s hands, but isn’t too unwieldy for its target audience. The number of keys are minimized for ease of use and simplicity, but it’s still possible to crank out a complex favorite such as “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (a brief “basic instructions” leaflet is enclosed) only 10 minutes after the instrument’s out of the box. –Keith Simanton

Product Features

  • For ages 7 and up
  • Easy to learn instruction and songbook included
  • Sounds and feels like the real thing
  • Measures 75″ wide
  • Finely crafted accordion
  • Easy-to-learn instruction booklet included
  • Measures 7.50″ wide
  • Sounds, looks and feels like the real thing

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3 Responses to Schylling Kids Accordion

  1. Taylor Lejeune says:

    Really good buy

  2. J. Buckley says:

    Absolutly Love It It has a nice “child-like” quality, the thumb strap is not quite where I’d like it, but other than that it works very nicely. The simple guide book it comes with was exactly what I needed!I am 22…I always wanted one of these but mom said no ’cause they are noisy’. They sure are, if you are looking at this for your kid I recommend limiting playtime for your sanity. I expect it is like hearing a new violinist learning to play, eventually you know they could be good enough…

  3. Dianne Byrne says:

    Great instrument for introducing music into a child’s life This accordion was purchased for a 6 year old. Once we got the bellows loosened up a bit (this took about a month) she loved it! No matter what note she presses it sounds in key, which is good, as it only has one volume and that is loud; which is a plus in her book 😉 The instruction booklet it came with had a few songs to learn, but to this day, almost 2 years later, she only plays song she’s made up or plays along with Choo Choo Boogaloo, a Zydeco CD. This is a great instrument to help…

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