Sleepover Party Mad Libs

Now in addition to telling ghost stories, staying up late, and playing truth or dare, girls can play everyone’s favorite word game at their next sleepover. With 21 stories that’ll have everyone giggling all night long, this book will be the _________ [noun] of the party!

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  • Price Stern Sloan

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  2. Small~Town~Girl says:

    ~ This was a HUGE hit at Christmas. Can’t go wrong with this as a gift! ~ I purchased a couple of these for my nieces for Christmas and they were a hit. Even my daughter, who is married with kids of her own now, still LOVES to do these, so she was excited to see the nieces each got one. I purchased this one, “Sleepover Party Mad Libs” and “Dog Ate My Mad Libs” , since our…

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