Snap Circuits Beginner Electronic Discovery Kit

Begin you snap circuit experience with a wonderful introduction to problem solving, following directions, and the satisfaction of a job well done. This kit includes 14 parts and you can build more than 20 projects learning the basics of how switches and circuits work. PLUS the skills needed to complete, troubleshoot and solve problems and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. The included color manual was created just for younger “engineers” with very few words and lots of step-by-step diagrams. Parts have extra safety features integrated for safety. Snap circuit beginner is part of the award winning line of Snap Circuits from Elenco electronics. Elenco has been developing and delivering educational kits, tools and test equipment to Universities, colleges and high schools for nearly 50 years.

Product Features

  • Begin your snap circuit experience with a wonderful introduction to problem solving, following directions, and the satisfaction of a job well done
  • Included 14 parts build over 20 projects
  • Extra safety features for younger engineers, 5 and up
  • Easy-to-follow color manual diagrammed like no other snap circuit kit
  • Part of the award winning snap circuit line of electronic discovery kits
  • No soldering – no tools – it’s a snap

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3 Responses to Snap Circuits Beginner Electronic Discovery Kit

  1. Genesis Melendez says:

    And I wasn’t disappointed. After going through a few of the projects … My son has difficulty staying on task and following instructions. Whenever something takes more than 2 steps he gets distracted. SQUIRREL!! He even told me to get a robot to do all of our chores for us because he can’t seem to remember all the steps (convenient)… I said “There’s no such thing baby. Why don’t you build one!” When he said “I don’t know how”. it gave me an idea….”Why don’t we start with the basics, baby. We would need a source of energy…”I got…

  2. Danielle says:

    6 year old loves it! But the beeping sound is torture. My 6 year old nephew absolutely loves it. Even months later, he plays with it for hours on end. Perfect starter kit at a great price. The instructions are kid-friendly and easy to follow. They’re similar to Lego instructions with detailed step-by-step illustrations, and the projects get progressively more complicated so it’s easy for the kids to learn.I would give it 5 stars if the beeping sound wasn’t absolute torture for adults. I didn’t realize it made noise when I bought it, and…

  3. J. Richards says:

    LONG-LASTING INTEREST Great kit with real toy shelf-life. One of those toys that lasts and lasts. I am very, very impressed with how engaging it is for my five-year-old AND my three-year-old. The 5’er can work through the projects from the manual by himself because it is so well written and illustrated. The 3’er works alongside him because she still needs the assistance with translating an illustration to the creation.As an engineer, I was worried that they might do something if left to their own devices…

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