Spot it Jr. Animals

With adorable animals and only 6 symbols on each card, Spot it Jr.! is ideal for kids under 7. As always, there is one, and only one, matching animal between any 2 cards. But in this junior variation, each card has one big animal for easier spotting. Spot it Jr.! is a fun way to sharpen kids visual perception and cognitive skills. Little ones will love to spot these colorful animals and the variety of images will challenge all ages. Ages: 4 and Up 2 to 6 Players Play Time: 15 Minutes Contents: – 31 Cards – Illustrated Rules

Product Features

  • Spot It Jr. Animals has the same game play as the original Spot It game, but simplified for younger players
  • Each card features six different animals in various sizes. Any two cards have exactly one animal in common. Reveal one card, then another. The player who spots the animal in common wins the card.
  • The one with the most card at the end of the game wins
  • Great travel size game for kids (2 – 6 players)

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3 Responses to Spot it Jr. Animals

  1. Dad of Divas says:

    A Great Game for Younger Audiences! My kids love the original Spot It Game, so they were excited when they heard of a few new Spot It Games that were now on the market. This Spot it, is made specifically for younger players and their families. I appreciated this because my youngest has had to work harder to keep up when it comes to the original and travel Spot It! games that we have had in the past. The game is easy enough and encourages all to stay alert and encourages quick thinking. I love this game as a father because the…

  2. Pop Bop says:

    Crazy Eights for the New Millenium I wish the cards did not bend so easy and the tin could have been even smaller that would have been a plus for travel. It is pretty small though maybe about adult fist sized. We are playing it with my 2 year old more like go fish right now minus the drawing after asking. She hasn’t quite caught on to the each pair has one matching animal idea. Sometimes she gets it but the “do you have a lion?” way works better taking turns and then she finds the mayches on the winners card. Pictures of…

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you’re stuck in a tent on a rainy day a deck of cards and a working knowledge of the rules of Crazy Eights might save your life, or your sanity. But the “Spot It” series adds a whole lot more fun to the concept, and the various choices for different ages, and the different emphasis from set to set, (colors, shapes, words, animals, etc.), means that every kid in the family can participate and have fun.The tin can is handy and allows you to toss a set or two in the car or the…

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