Sunny Days Entertainment Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Horse: Quarter Horse Toy

Saddle up for hours of great fun and happy trails with the blue ribbon champion deluxe quarter horse set. Includes horse ‘whinny’ sound, movable head section, life-like textured mane and tail, plus detachable saddle. Superb detailing and strong construction make it a favorite for people of all ages. Comes complete with an full line of accessories, including: hop-pocket, cup, wooden case, Apple, handle brush, round brush, round bottle, bottle, Medal, arc brush, machete, arrange brush, mouth line, head line, saddle, round bucket.

Product Features

  • Push horse’s head down for realistic horse sounds
  • Movable head section that moves up and down
  • Brush-able mane and tail and includes grooming brush
  • Includes full line of accessories, including: detachable saddle, hop-pocket, cup
  • Encourages role play, imagination and creativity

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3 Responses to Sunny Days Entertainment Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Horse: Quarter Horse Toy

  1. wart says:

    Such wonderful quality and so pretty I’m so in love with these horses. I’m so glad I added this set to my collection. As you may know I am an adult model horse and toy collector, and I’d reviewed the palomino when I first ordered him, so now as promised I’m back to review the other 4 horses in the set. I was impressed with them by their pictures online, so I bought the palomino to see if they would live up to their pictures, and they do, they do, they do. I got the single horses for $15 each and the lippizaner stable set for…

  2. Chickadee says:

    Sunny Days Blue Ribbon Champion Horse’s These horses are very nice and detailed for a play horse. The accessories they come with are an extra bonus. I like how the head moves up and down and slightly side to side. The saddle comes off and the reins, although the headset is molded in place. The mane and tail are soft and combable. The overall look is so realistic for a plastic play horse. Then you add the horse sounds and package it for under $16.00. It’s an awesome deal for anyone, children, teens, collector’s young and old. The…

  3. HappyCustomer says:

    Well-made horse

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