Slook Magic Water Drawing Mat Large Doodle Mat 32x24in Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat Painting Board Writing Mats With 2 Pens 6 Big Molds Educational Toy Gift for Boys Girls Age 2 3 4 5 Year Toddler

Slook Aqua Doodle Mat, a mess free painting activity for all ages, Kid’s New Doodle Friend!

❤Looking for something to keep your kids busy for hours?
❤Want a funny activity to do with your kids together?
❤Tired of the cleanning work after kids drawing?

❤Slook Aqua Doodle Mat, as a wonderful replacement for traditional painting paper, allows kids to draw, write, or just scribble on it repeatedly.
100% no mess and safe for your children. Also, colorful drawing area makes the drawing much vivider, and helps kids with color recognition and imagination.
Just choose Slook Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat to make your kids’ drawing easier and funnier!

✎1.Aqua doodle mat 100% no mess and safe for your children.
✎2.Just choose our large magic water drawing aquadoodle mat to make your kids’ drawing easier and funnier!
✎3. A Fun Way to Develop Creativity and Writing Skills on Aqua Doodle Mat.
✎4.Large magic water drawing mat is the perfect art travel toy for trips.
✎5.Enjoy the fun with our large magic water drawing aquadoodle mat!
✎6.This Aqua doodle Mat will be the best gift toys for toddlers 2 3 4 5 year old boys and girls.

❤Package Includes:
✎ 1 x Aqua Doodle Mat / Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat -Large size:31.5*23.6 inch
✎ 2 x Water Drawing Pen(big)
✎ 2 x Water Drawing Pen(Small)
✎6 x Drawing Mold (big)

❤Use Guide:
1.Soak the pen head in warm water for minutes to swell it
2.Unscrew the pen and add water inside
3.Start your doodle creativity freely

Only written with water,The doodle may need 3-10 minutes to disappear
No machine wash,Keep away from the heat

Product Features

  • ❤AQUA DOODLE MAT MESS FREE: Magic water drawing aquadoodle mat only fill the doodle pen with water, draw on the Painting Board Writing Mats as you like. No ink, no paint. Don’t need to extra cleaning. The back of the Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat is water-resistant nylon material, no worry about wetting the floor. Let your child play with water and mess free.You don’t worry about the mess.
  • ❤LARGE SIZE MAGIC WATER DRAWING MAT FOR KIDS DRAWING:31.5 X 23.6 inch.This Large Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat is enough for a couple of kids to play on. 4 colors on the Large Aqua Doodle Mat. 4 pens and 6 mold .It can be folded to compact size, portable for kids and toddlers play on indoor outdoor and travel. the markers fill with water so there is not messy clean up, just pure fun for her to freely mark all over the mat or anything else!
  • ❤REUSABLE and SAFE AQUA DOODLE MAT: Fill the pen with clean water and draw on the Painting Board Writing Mats. Magically disappear after 3-10 minutes (depend on the temperature and air flow) on this aqua doodle mat, kids can draw on Painting Board Writing Mats again and again. Non-toxic, Non-polluting. Safe to your children. Durable well made mat that offers a lot of teaching options while providing almost unlimited hours of fun.
  • ❤GREAT Educational Toy Gift :Large aqua doodle mat not only a toys but also a communicative link between parent and child. Inspire your kid’s creativity and imagination by Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat, exercise hand-eye coordination & the color perception ability, it offers a lot of teaching options. Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat is the best choice for kids Birthday gift and other Educational Toy Gift. Cultivate a more intimate parent-child relationship. Also ideal travel toy for tod
  • ❤MONEY BACK WARRANTY: Believe you not just own Aqua Doodle Mat itself, but health and happiness for family. If you are not satisfied with our Large Magic Water Drawing Aquadoodle Mat, contact us for replacement or full refund with no condition,So buy this amazing aqua doodle mat for your kids now!

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Magic Water Doodle Mats Water Drawing Mat Large 32x24in Painting Pad With 4 Pens 8 Molds Learning Educational Toddler Toys Toddler Gifts for Girls Boys Age 2 3 4 5+ Year old Girl Gifts Boy Gifts

☀Want a Magic Toy Gift Surprising Your Kids and Make Him Happy Always?
YES,magic water dawing mat, so much fun!
Kids’happiness is all what matters to parents. With a pen filled water,kids love to doodle on this water drawing mat and observe how color changes and how doodle magically fade away and finally gone! Kids will doodle repeatly with much fun!

☀Want Your Little Artists to Expand His Imagination but Mess Free?
YES,doodle mats is great educational toy for kids
No Ink, No Paint, No Crayon, No Chemicals, Mess Free! Only natual clear water. Inspire your kids imagination and creativity, learn color, alphabet, numbers, composition picture for kids 2+ years at different stage. Kids like spending hours and No need any extra clearning, clean and tidy.

☀Want to Better Communicate with Your Baby and Help Him to Build Friendship Easily?
YES,doodle pad is a great communication tool
Doodle pad is not only a toy but also a communicative link between you and baby. Start now to know your baby inner world and his growth develpment by his doodle working on this doodle pad!
Large size of mat,4 pens, easy to play with his 2-6 friends same time, team working beatiful picture & build friendship!

☀Want A Toy Kids Can Play Both Indoor and Outdoor?
YES,Portable aqua magic mat easy go anywhere.
This aqua magic mat can be folded to compact size.
Kids can easily handle themselves, just fill the pen with water,start drawing indoor or outdoor.

☀Smart Tip:
1. NO Pen Caps to avoid danger of little parts.
2. Full Filled Water or Sock in Water 1 min before use.
3. Keep pen head wet when Drawing

☀How to Use:
1. Unscrew the nip in the direction of OPEN.
2. Filled with clean water.
3. Tighten the nip in the direction of CLOSE.
4. Start painting.

☀Package Includes:
1*Aqua Magic Mat, 31.5 X 23.6 in
4*Magic Pen
8*Drawing Mold

Product Features

  • ❣NO MESS MULTI-COLORING:Water drawing mat is new creative doodle drawing toys, clean,safe and reusable. No Ink,No paint,Non-Toxic,Non-Chemicals, all you need is clear WATER ONLY.Never worry about making any mess on floor,walls or doing any harm to kids skin. The back of doodle pad is water-resistant nylon material, never wetting the floor..No need to do any extra cleaning after game ending. The kids enjoyed drawing 4 colors on this doodle mats and parents feel easy relax.
  • ❣BUILDING FRIENDSHIP,TEAMWOK SPIRIT: 1pcs Matt+4pcs Pan+ 8pcs modes one package,Super Lager size water drawing mat of 31.7 X 23.6 inch,perfect for a group of 2-6 of kids to play on it at the same time.This doodle mats can be folded to compact size, portable for indoor and outdoor travel gaming. A drawing mold x 8,Easy for your Kids to trace and expand their creation.Doodle pad is perfect for boys and girls to build a colorful world together and enjoy making lovely friends!
  • ❣EASY USE AND REUSABLE:All you need is just fill up the pens with clean water and draw on this water drawing mat.The marks fade away step by step when the doodle mats dries up after 3-10 minutes (depending on the socking time, temperature and air flow), kids can draw on doodle pad again and again. Great toddler toys to keep kids learning and spending happy time.
  • ❣BEST IMAGINATION INSPIRE LEARNING TOYS GIFTS :This doodle mats is fantastic,creative entertainment! Inspire your kid’s creativity and imagination,exercise hand-eye coordination &the color perception ability. A good learning tool for kids 2 years +, shape, color, alphabet, numbers and drawing.Not only a toddler toys but also a good communicative link between you and baby.Parents either enjoy spending painting learning time with kids together or kid self entertained with this water drawing m
  • ❣DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE—- Get this magic doodle mats now and start enjoying your great time with your baby! 100% customer satisfaction is our mission, if you meet any issue with our water drawing mat ,Kindly feel free to contact us for support or replacement or full refund, we will always here to support you until you are satisfied.

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