YOGADOG Interactive Cat Toys, Electronic Auto Motion LED Ball Pet Toy, Red

How to use 1.Unscrew the ball to two half piece. 2.Open the battery case, insert the batteries. Carefully check the battery direction(plus side down). Otherwise LED light will not bright but the ball still can rotate. 3.Press the button to start working and turn off the button when stop playing. Feature ¡¤fashion electronic interactive cat toys ¡¤auto move with LED light ¡¤easy use and fun to play ¡¤animate your pet for prevent boredom ¡¤nontoxic and ABS+X101 material attention watch your pet while playing! be careful not to swallow by your pet! only moving on floor, do no throwing or chewing! carefully check the battery install direction(plus side down). Yogadog – only offer height quality pet products. Bring to you and your pet with joy and fun in the life.

Product Features

  • AUTO MOVE – Auto move interactive cat ball toy, can automatically change the moving direction when meet obstacle.
  • LED LIGHT – Help catch and attract cat’s attention, encourages cats’ natural hunting instincts.Please installed the batteries in right direction(Plus side down). Or LED light will not bright but the ball still can rotate.
  • INTERACTIVE TOY – Nontoxic and eco-friendly ABS, allows cat to see, chase and swat the ball. Animate your pet for prevent boredom and reduce damage furniture.
  • 6 BATTERIES INCLUDED – 3 X AG13 button batteries drive. (Other 3 batteries as supplement). Suggest play around 15 minutes a time for keeping pet’s interest. And remember turn off the button for saving power while not playing.
  • EASY USE – Remove the insulating strip and turn on the switch to start play. Only moving on tile or hardwood floors (Not recommended for use in the carpet). A creative rotate toys for extra fun!

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