Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Durable Product

The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, designed for children 18 months to 5 years old, introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. The height can be adjusted to six settings between 2 and 4 feet to accommodate even the littlest hoop star. The oversize rim and kid-size basketball ensure easy scoring and help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level. Before play, add sand to the base for stability.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

Introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. View larger.
Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

Raise the height to increase the challenge as kids grow and improve. View larger.

Includes Junior-Sized Soft Basketball

The included junior-sized basketball is just the right size for small hands and can easily be inflated if it gets flat.

Oversize Rim Makes it Easy to Score

Little Tikes designed this basketball set to make it easy for children to make their shots. The oversize rim makes it easy for kids to score baskets and allows children to succeed with the right level of challenge.

Develop Social Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

Basketball develops social skills through teaching kids about positive competition. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination develop as kids learn how to make baskets.

Basketball Hoop Adjusts to Six Heights from 2 to 4 Feet

As children grow and their basketball skills improve, raise the height to increase the challenge. The hoop has six height settings from 2 to 4 feet, allowing small kids of various ages to enjoy shooting hoops and slam dunking. Weight the base with sand before play for stability.

What’s in the Box

Basketball hoop and base, soft basketball, and user manual.

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Easy Score Basketball Set

At a Glance:

  • Basketball set adjusts to six heights between 2 and 4 feet
  • Includes one junior-size soft basketball
  • Oversize rim ensures kids can make their shots
  • Develops social and motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Suitable for outdoor play

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • 18 months to 5 years

Assembly Requirements:

  • Adult assembly
  • Sand for base (not included)

Product Features

  • Basketball Hoop Adjusts to Six Heights from 2 to 4 Feet
  • Includes an oversized rim and junior size basketball
  • Develops social, motor skills and coordination
  • Base can be weighted with sand (not included) for stability
  • Age 1 ½ to 5 years

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Spalding NBA Street Basketball – Intermediate Size 6 (28.5″)

28.5″ size Ideal for Women and Girls age 9 and Older Ideal for Boys Age 9-12 For Outdoor Play High-Performance Rubber Construction Deep-Channel Design Improves Grip

Product Features

  • Official NBA Street Basketball, Size 6 (28.5″)
  • Performance Outdoor Cover
  • Wide Channel Design for Incredible Grip & Feel
  • Designed for Competitive Street Play

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Ideal Electronic Super Slam Basketball Tabletop Game

The POOF-Slinky 37000BL Ideal Electronic Super Slam Basketball Game brings exciting arcade action straight to your home. Assembly is quick and easy. Lay the court floors in place, attach the backboard and hoops to the floor base, add the divider nets and now you’re ready to play. Press the scoreboard button to start the game. Super Slam features an electronic clock, buzzer and scoreboard. You’ll hear the fanfare play, sores will reset to 0-points and the game is now ready to start. The timed side-by-side high speed play from the free-throw line is just like in the arcade with the same 1-minute shooting time limit. (2) players can compete in a tournament against each other at the same time or play solo against the clock. Place the (2) balls into the spring-loaded shooter and start launching shots towards the basketball hoop. The basket sensor tracks points and returns the ball back to the shooter automatically. Scoring begins at the 2-point line for the first 45-seconds and changes to 3-point shots for the remaining 15-seconds. The buzzer will sound to signal the finish of play to reveal the final score and winner (and start the traditional celebratory act of gloating towards the losing player). Ideal’s Electronic Super Slam Basketball turns off automatically after 1-minute. This game is designed for 1-2-players, requires (3) “AAA” batteries (not included) and measures 16-inches by 12-inches by 11.75-inches. Experience all the real arcade action through the sound effects, electronic clock, automatic ball return, scoreboard and excitement you feel when playing the real thing. The Ideal brand provides a wide variety of games, activity kits, magic sets and classic toys. The POOF-Slinky 37000BL Ideal Mini Speedball is recommended for children 5-years of age and older. POOF-Slinky, Inc. is the maker of the original Slinky, Scientific Explorer Brands, Ideal table-top games, wood construction sets and over 400 other products. Visit for more information on Alex Brands and our best-selling line of educational and entertaining products for kids.

Product Features

  • Brings exciting arcade action straight to your home
  • Side-by-side high speed play from the free-throw line is just like the arcade with the same 1-minute shooting time limit
  • Scoring begins at the 2-point line for the first 45-seconds and changes to 3-point scoring for the remaining 15-seconds
  • Features an electronic clock, buzzer, scoreboard and automatic ball return
  • Recommended for children 5-years of age and older

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Basketball Shooting Game, YUYUGO 2-Player Desktop Table Basketball Games Classic Arcade Games Basketball Hoop Set, Fun Sports Toy for Adults-Help Reduce Stress

A perfect gift for a basketball lover with YUYUGO desktop basketball game, SHOOT, SCROE!.

Develop your skills and have fun at the same time
with this classic arcade game of basketball shootout challenge toy that can be played anytime or anywhere on a desktop, table top, dining table, counter top at home, office or hotel room either by yourself or with an opponent to compete and have a match. Improve your hand and eye coordination and show off to your friends!

Bring exciting arcade action direct to your home,office or anywhere else,anytime.
Encourage your kids into basketball sports with the basketball shooting game that is perfect for kids, children, boys, girls, adults, and everyone in the family at home, office or party time. Let your kids have a great time with this basketball shooting game for kids at the next birthday party, or children’s get together.

NO power needed. Challenge a friend to play and slam dunk.
This mechanical educational sports toy game needs no batteries and works on the mechanical principles of static and kinetic energy.
Includes basketball game and 6 red balls 0.75 inches in diameter, (ball colors will be red and may vary from shown images). Has a manual built-in score keeper so you can keep track of scores.

Rapid fire free throw fast paced game of skill.
Funny basketball shooting games,table top classic arcade game basketball shooting shootout game for 1 or 2 players will bring the fast action of arcade games right onto your tabletop or desk top. Relax, reduce tension and relieve your stress at the same time. Have incredible fun by yourself or with your friends with the frustration free toy game. Easy to set up with light assembly.

YUYUGO is committed to providing the most IMAGINATIVE GAME TOYS along with the highest safety standards, We have toys appropriate for all age groups.WELCOME!

Product Features

  • Shoot, Score! First to score six points wins. Complete kit ready to play instantly.Basketball Game for Kids Shoot Baskets by pressing down on the launcher .
  • Have a good time at your home, office, travel or anywhere ,anytime—- The unit sits on any desktop or tabletop.Have fun and enjoy this classic sports at any time with shooting game that perfect for kids ,children, adults ,and anyone.Bring exciting for you and your family.
  • Perfect gift for kids and a basketball lover.—Desk Toy is an ideal office toy to have on your office desk. Play, relax, reduce stress during work.Makes a great gift for any holiday or birthday.
  • Indoor fun with 2-player table basketball includes built-in score keeper.— Included parts: 3xpink basketball ,3xorange basketball ,3xfence ,2xbasketball frame ,1x basketball court ,1xlittle rebound.
  • Easy assemble,,no power needed.—- Genuine look make it more funny to play and coworker practicing on their hook shot.

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Franklin Sports Electronic Basketball Bounce Junior, 21 x 10.875 x 21.625-Inch

Franklin sports electronic Basketball bounce Junior features an arcade style net enclosure that keeps the ball in play. The LED electronic scoring and authentic announcer sounds make this exciting and fun. The auto ball return keeps the game going. Includes 2 basketballs. Easily folds for travel and storage. Fun for ages 6 and up.

Product Features

  • Size: 21″ X 10.875″ X 21.625″, Big bounce trampoline target, Arcade style net enclosure keeps ball in play
  • LED electronic scoring with authentic announcer sounds, Requires 3 “AAA” size alkaline batteries (NOT included)
  • Auto ball return, Durable ABS construction
  • Includes 2 basketballs, Easily folds for travel or storage
  • Fun for ages 6+

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