Dazzling Toys 18″ Colorful Plastic Sport Ring Toss Game Set

How well can you aim? Test your aiming skills, or just play an exciting Ring Toss Game with friends or even by yourself. Try targeting the throw loops exactly onto the colorful Tower. 1.2.3….. YOU GOT IT PERFECTLY IN PLACE!! KIDS LOVE THE CHALLENGE!! They enjoy taking chances with friends or alone, again and again for non-stop fun. Ring Toss Game comes in various exciting colors. When done for the day storing won’t be a problem, because of our small storing size box in which the Ring Toss Game Set comes. HAVE FUN and raise the level of your aiming skills in the meantime. Enjoy our compact, thrilling Ring Toss Game Set any time you’re in the mood of playing it. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

Product Features

  • 18″ Tall Ring Toss game set includes 8 Throw Rings.
  • Tower and rings come in dazzling colors.
  • Help promote eye-hand coordination by challenging aiming at tower.
  • Excellent exercise for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • Assembly Required – Assembles and disassembles for easy storage.

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