Pet Lou Colossal RABBIT 15 inch Plush Chew Toy For Dogs

Colossals are made of ultra-thick, durable Plush in vivid colors that are doubled stitched to endure hours of pawing, pulling, tugging, chewing, and biting from your dog. Only the best, longest-lasting noisemakers are sewn inside. It’s machine washable, which makes it easy to keep clean and fresh.

Product Features

  • Colossal 15 Inches
  • Premium Soft Plush And Double Stitched On Key Seams For Extra Durablility
  • Multiple Squeakers & Grunts
  • Realistic Looking Rabbit

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Lifeunion Dog Hyperactivity Leakage Food IQ Toy Liven Discipline Puzzle Toy Cats and Dogs, Pet Educational Toys (Red)

The Twist ‘n Treat is a highly adjustable treat dispensing rubber dog toy. Twist the two pieces far apart for easy access to treats, or twist closer together for more of a challenge. Works with a wide variety of food options, like peanut butter. Not recommended for strong chewers. Dishwasher safe, top rack only.

Why Dogs Need Toys
Playtime keeps dogs physically fit and mentally sharp. Without toys and healthy exercise, dogs may grow bored and engage in destructive behavior.

IQ Treat Toy
For a challenge that’s filled with tasty fun, try the IQ Treat toy. Fill with treats or kibble, set your desired difficulty level using the toy’s adjustable interior insert, and let your dog roll the toy across the floor to try to release the food inside. Available in 3 colors.


Material: Plastic

Weight: 4.7 oz

Diameter: 3.54 in

Color: Blue,Pink,Green

Product Features

  • Two-piece design works with a variety of treat options.Fill the TOY with your dog’s favorite treats or food.
  • Adjust the rate of treat dispersal to suit your pet.Rolls on the floor and treats spill out.
  • Twist wide apart for quick treat dispensing, twist close together for more of a challenge.
  • Not recommended for strong chewers, gentle on puppy teeth.A fun toy to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated!
  • Pet toys to play smarter! Multi-function allows pets to become more robust, lively and intelligent.

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